Game crashes EVERY TIME I try to equip another weapon as Ironbreaker

Issue Summary:
I’m running the game in the official realm, with a couple of sanctioned mods installed. Since the last patch, every time I try to equip a new weapon (ranged or melee, doesn’t matter), the game immediatly crashes. I’ve sent like 20 bug reports over the last 1-2 weeks.
This doesn’t happen when I play Saltzpyre or Kruber. Only Bardin IB.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play as Bardin Ironbreaker (haven’t noticed it with Kruber and Saltzpyre…)
  2. Equip any other melee or ranged weapon in the Inv.
  3. Game crashes.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Constant (100%) - since the last update (since the winter challenge is active)

Additional Information:
I have nearly all of the sanctioned mods running (except Blood for the Blood God). But they are sanctioned, right?

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Sanctioned mods aren’t bug-free. There is a warning somehwere that they can cause unforseen issues with the game.

I believe it is a mod issue, since I have a similar issue, only for all careers. The way I fix it is by loading another career of the same character, equipping the weapon I want and then switch weapons again, and then I can switch just fine on the preferred career. Not sure if it’s the exact same issue, but I hope this helps anyways.

Had the same a while ago (oct/nov) with saltzpyre.

I unchecked all mods in the launcher, launched game, quit, launched without mods again, quit again and rechecked them in the launcher. That worked for me…

This is caused by the Third Person Equipment mod. The mod author is aware, but we recommend posting on the Workshop page as any additional information may help the modder address the issue.

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Thank you for your answers and ideas! I#m afraid though, the only thing that works is turning off the 3rd person mod… :frowning: Too bad, that’s my favourite mod!

Maybe Fatshark could include the 3rd person equipment view in the standard game? Maybe so that one can turn it off and on as desired?

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