Continuing crashes

I continue to crash every time I change illusions or swap the weapons with certain illusions in the Inventory
GUID: d17a10a9-19a6-4308-a7a1-2d00597960c4
Log File:
Info Type:

Also: Bardin’s melee weapon illusion icons do not resemble the actual look. It is the issue for at least 2h axe and axe-shield/hammer-shield illusions. plz fix, this is just ridiculous

The crash is definitely mod-related, I believe Third Person Equipment but I can’t be 100% certain. The only real way to know would to be to perform a process of elimination. Unfortunately we don’t handle mod-induced issues ourselves, so please alert the mod author via the Workshop page.

We’ll look in to the reported issue with Bardin’s illusion icons.

It would still be nice of you to fix the illusions icons

Thanks, I will

What exactly did you do?
Name career, weapon and illusion involved.

I’m not so sure this is caused by

since I’m using it for over half a year without any crashes.


Switching and equipping bardin’s red/bogenhafen shied+hammer and shield+axe

Tested as veteran ranger with an orange quality Axe and Shield as well as stock Hammer and Shield both applied and equipped (Bögenhafen illusion) no crashes.


Yep, I don’t get any crashes with it either. What exactly did you do? You mean simply equipping the red/bogenhafen shield and hammer will cause a crash? Or putting the illusion on a red weapon?


Stragne. Tested it again both as a client and a host, and had no crashes either. But that day it was happening every time at exactly the moment I tried to switch between weapons with the illusions applied.

So it may point out at some other problem that causes the crash.

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