Crash due to illusion change?

crash_dump-2020-10-12-18.15.20-4cf70050-a6e6-43c9-a2f6-206b9f3f614e.dmp (557.1 KB)
Can’t really explain this one. I changed my illusion while someone was joining. Illusion change in first person was changed back, but inventory showed the new illusion was applied.
Game crashed when i tried to equip the same new illusion.

Please upload the associated console log. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Let’s just hope i don’t forget it a third time…
Here you go.
console-2020-10-12-18.15.20-4cf70050-a6e6-43c9-a2f6-206b9f3f614e.log (1.2 MB)

'Tis the Boss Timer mod. :slight_smile:

Oh no. Allrighty then, thank you for checking that!

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