Bardin Inventory Broken

For a very long time (5+ months) I havent been able to change any weapons (melee or ranged) on Ranger Veteran and Ironbreaker, when i’d try to the game freezes and stops completely. I also verify the game files on steam but it makes no difference.

GUID: 58bff3c6-b15d-454b-a26a-b528b070e2e6
Log File:
Info Type:

Do you use Third Person Equipment mod?

It’s outdated. Uninstall it if you are subscribed to it.

Do you have any mods enabaled? Are you playing on the modded realm?
I’d also try verifying the game files.

Hi @dannyx12321

As SirKruber has also mentioned above, I can see that you are using the ‘Third Person Equipment’ mod. Can you please try disabling this and see if the issue resolves?

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Hi, I unistalled the mod and his inventory now works. Thank you and @SirKruber for the help

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You’re welcome! I had this very same issue a while ago.

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