Game breaks if I try to touch my keyboard, but controller seems to work without issue

If I press any key on my keyboard (And I do mean ANY key, even the media controls or the mute button) the game locks until I let go of the keyboard. This happens 100% of the time at any point.

Example, during the cutscene that plays before character selection, if I press and hold the “[” key, the video will freeze while the audio continues to play as normal. The video will resume as normal, still in sync with the audio, after I let go of the keyboard. This also happens in the character selection screen and of course in-game. This of course means that if I try to do anything with my keyboard, the game will not function.

Then I noticed that my mouse buttons didn’t trigger this problem and an idea popped into my head. I closed the game, plugged in my controller and the game runs absolutely fine with a controller. However, the moment I so much as touch my keyboard the game locks until the key is no longer pressed.

*Edit: I use a Razer keyboard. While checking to see if I had the most recent drivers for my keyboard, I learned the software that manages it was in need of an update. Updated both Razer Synapse and Razer Cortex and the issue was finally resolved after a quick restart.

This is likely something to do with the device connectivity issue we’re contending with. Thank you for letting us know.