Galeophobia and starting the game

Galeophobia is the fear of sharks. for some this is just the sight of a shark like depiction for others a specific angle in which the shark is portrayed.

currently i have to spam the space button when ever i start the game because the first image tends to trigger this fear response. the fatshark logo itself looks derpy enough to not cause this issue, but the “swimming” of the shark in the beginning definitely does.

would it be possible to have an option to have just the logo pop up instead of the whole animation?or auto skip it ?
i know this might seem like a dumb thing but it is very difficult to deal with an irrational fear response you have very little control of every time i want to start up the game.

i put this under general discussion because i don’t have a better idea where to put it.
any and all help is appreciated.


It checks out for Sir.Penguin to be afraid of Mr.Shark, I suppose… :stuck_out_tongue:

You are not alone in the spacebar mashing mini-marathon!

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I’ve passed this up to the UX team. Thanks!


the true question is why we can skip everything with space except the CGI intro who needs escape !


Alternatively, since you know that the shark shows up every time you start the game, can’t you just look away for a few seconds instead of demanding a change by developers?
You have 100% control of this situation. You just choose to look every time.


Not playing devil’s advocate, but aqshy has replied to many posts in this very forum this week.

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It wasn’t a demand, they made a polite and pretty reasonable request. You don’t have to be callous and dismissive of something a person has no control over. Do you also tell people with diabates to “just regulate your insulin”?

Startling lack of empathy, friend.


Thanks, it’s a small thing for most people but it does make a difference for those that suffer from it.


May I ask you, does the fatshark logo, or any similar artwork, still triggers the phobia? Or is it just more realistic sharks?

That is a great point to bring up.
Because a person with diabetes does exactly what i suggested. They modify their own behavior. They regulate their insulin by avoiding certain foods at certain times and by injecting insulin.

I understand that phobias exist, but if you have a phobia that gets triggered by a certain image, you might just want to avoid looking at that image, especially if you know exactly when and where to find that image.

I do not think that i am being dismissive, unreasonable or lacking empathy at all.
OP said “any and all help is appreciated”.
If seeing the image really is the problem, then an easy way of not seeing the image (like not looking, when it predictably shows up) would probably help.


it is mainly the image of it coming towards the screen / the viewer. The logo itself doesn’t as much because it is much more cartoony and almost derpy looking.

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I think there reference to you being dismissive was from having used the word “demand”. it comes across abrasive and well… dismissive. as i didn’t necessarily demand anything but just requested.

As for your suggestion of looking away.

Yes this is what we are currently doing. but as you can imaging, it is difficult to know if you skipped it if you don’t look.

Besides the devs made it so that you can skip it. so why not do it automatically or better give the option to do it automatically.

As for modifying my own behavior. I think everyone has the right to not have to put in extra work in for something that can be prevented. If we could we would cure diabetes. we can’t so far so the best next option is do make it easier for them by using insulin and what not.
but this (again) can be helped, so why not?

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I agree that it would be nice to have a setting option to “auto skip intro sequences”.
One of the reasons being the current requirement for specific and different key inputs in order to skip the different sequences instead of a “press any key” option.
But the overall reason is convenience for everyone.

My suggestion to “just look away” was just regarding your specific problem and would solve it without any delay or any work required from anyone else.
My initial statement potentially sounding dismissive may be because of this simple “fix” being available to you and because the reason you gave for your suggestion regarding an auto skip option was not mainly convenience.


We need the launched game to take us straight to a menu WITHOUT a server connection, WITHOUT “esc” or “space”.

it’s a metaphor

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try a new topic:
hey fatshark i have crashophobia
it’s the fear of having a crash with random number and letters after that
maybe you could fix this?

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Yeah, I remember the unskippable intro videos in VT2 that got fixed by…modders. Good luck with FS actually even considering this.

There are people out there who don’t do this anyway?

Honestly, I’m glad Fatshark fixes this for this person.
That person could also you know… just look away.

But still glad they answered.

However, the radio silence on the “1000” other issues is… frustrating.

I mean, should we also remove darkness, because of that phobia?
How about the one with teeny tiny holes - plenty of such locations.

We could probably strip the game bare in that case… I tend to agree that if one knows this happens… Avert thy gaze, reject.

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