Future Sub-classes progression

This just hit me, will we have to create a new character for every new subclass that’s added later on? considering how horrible and divided the currencies are, no way I’d be thrilled to go through that grind again.

EDIT: example, veteran sharpshooter, we could get another veteran subclass later on, will I need to create a new veteran to start leveling that subclass?

Yes! YES! Grind moar, MOAR!!!

NO! please no more

How else are they gonna sell character slots for 175 aquilas? :sweat_smile:

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You forgot a zero, it’s 1750 actually (this info was fabricated in my mind)

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They heard the complaints loud and clear, they’re going to add a 1750 Aquillas purchase option. The game is saved.

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Having to buy character slots is a joke. You know we’re already going to have to pay for new classes added, now they want us to pay to unlock future classes AND to even get to play them? This game will be dead within 6 months if they keep flipping their players off.

Highly unlikely that you would need to make a new character for future sub-classes. One extra sub-class for each archetype would mean 8 characters with individual progression and that already is not sustainable by anyone.

Considering that we only have 5 character slots and there is an achievement for having four different classes on level 30, Fatshark most likely expect you to make a character of each archetype only and slot number 5 is for a potential future archetype. Though its also likely that this plan doesnt work and they will include more slots for free if enough people want it, though this doesnt seem to be a primary need of the community.

Future classes will most likely be swapable, with loot and resources being archetype wide.

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