Full Body Awareness

I think we should be able to see our own legs, when we point down the camera, especially now, that we can even slide.

Many fps does this, L4D1, Necromunda Hired Gun and so on, even the recent The Outlast Trials

I think it could be a potential improvement, especially for Darktide.

I remember when was possible in VT2 as a mod, and if I’m not wrong it was even sanctioned once.
I hope Darktide will have something similar, just also for the immersion.

something like this.

best regards, Rejects.


I’d leave it off personally, but having the option to choose would be cool.


Must have ^^


would be cool

and yea, even as toggleable option would be fine

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I’ve found most of the time this is implemented poorly. Don’t get me wrong, I like it as an idea, just find the implementation lacking.

Except in lone echo. Holy smokes that was epic.

I like the idea as well.
Not sure what you mean by the implementation lacking but Fatshark made possible to inspect dynamically weapons in VT2 starting from GK. Before than that, they weren’t dynamic.

So in term of animations I don’t think they would have problems, I don’t think it would be poorly implemented imo.

As I said there are honestly so many games first person shooters with the full body awareness.

To me it’s just a bonus, as in it’s not that every player will look their own legs, just only when you slide or when you actually want to look your own legs just for fun, would be cool.

EDIT: because to me, sliding with not seeing my own legs, it kinda feels not very good at least in my humble opinion.

Ah, I didn’t do much sliding in the demo. I don’t associate tide games with that yet, so I’ll have to wait until it’s back.

As to the other part, looking at a weapon is that hard to program compared to feet and body. Most of the time virtual worlds just mess up the feet which is why they rarely are included in first person. It’s a lot of work to get the feet to end up in places that would be logical in the real world.

One of the best versions of it is in the VR game “lone echo” which incidently takes place in zero g, and they have full hand tracking, so really they can just let the rest of the body float. Even in VR though, Lone Echo stands out for making it work, where so many other games made it suck. It ought not to be that hard to program the arm following the hand, but it seems like it is from the number of fails.

Now, in -Tide, that’s an FPS so not quite the same, but certainly if you don’t put a lot of work in, when you look down and see the body, and it’s doing something illogical like resting a foot on the air, it feels even more unreal then when it’s in a 3rd person game.

So what I mean by implementation is that most people screw it up, and getting it right is an awful lot of work for the amount of payoff.

It’s a “would nice to have but a bad implementation is worse than no implementation” thing to me. I honestly find seeing your limbs more of a distraction than anything else.


sorry but this is merely just an assumption like others about the “bad implementation”
Fatshark could be very capable of doing so, as in they have great animators, plus it won’t impact nothing in the gameplay.

If you see the recent closed beta of “The Outlast Trials” you would see that they have the FBA implemented and works great, and of course it’s a first person game, where you can also use some type of weapons.

distraction, I very doubt as in 90% of times you won’t be able to see your own legs, just only when you will slide at very least.

and i don’t know why it would be distractive, if so, you would even want your arms disabled and just having the weapon floating, or perhaps even the weapon as well… and nothing wrong about it, cause I wish there would be also those settings, in some FPS arena there is the ability to hide even your hands or weapons, and legs, as in my feedback-suggestion is a toggleable option.
so everyone is fine and happy.

by the way,

In The Outlast Trials not a single time you see your own legs by accident, just only when you climb, or when you actually want to see your legs.

this is in VT2

when you look in front of yourself there won’t no distraction.

cheers and best regards.

this mod was created by SkacikPL

and even tough it had technical problems, it was sanctioned once at the very early release of the game but not many people know about it, because are just new players.

It was sanctioned by Fatshark itself, but they had to remove it because some exploits in Fortunes of War.

Fatshark can really implement such stuff for Darktide with no issue, and without bad implementation, and making as toggleable option if people don’t like it, as it seems to appear here.

But many people don’t demand it but yet rejecting.
this is just a suggestion, no point to hate the idea, as in it could be even a toggleable option perhaps

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Agreed. It still feels needlessly aggressive towards the community to downright cut mod support from the get go.
Modders fixed a lot of the thins Fatshark refused/ignored for months, and would have fixed more if allowed to do so. The amount of bugs persisting since the release of V2 is staggering.

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I also like this feature, well not so much a feature but it does helps in getting yourself immerse in the gameplay of Darktide.

With the level of details, the game has, you could see your legs and cast your own shadow

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