I have plenty of hours in VT2 preordered DT as soon as I was able to. Now jumped in the pre Release Beta yesterday and whow… this is really a way to go until release.

I have a playtime of >5h and still stuck at level 3 because 75% of all matches stuck in the loading after the mission, drop me out at the loading after the message with random timeout or “hub unavailable”, “no instance found”, “hot_join_partyhub_failed” or just keep loading without any message endless.

Sure there can be a rush on servers but isn’t there any dynamic in that? It’s not only yesterday, it is really very frustrating to actually get into a game. And than even I made it it is no guarantee to succeed.

And why is there no Scoreboard at the end? It shouldnt be a score hunt but this is the only way how to see if one person just “walked” with the team without doing anything to team success? How can you spot that if there is not just a simple single scoreboard? This just completely sucks.

I hope to get at least to level 8 until beta is over :wink:

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