Frustrating Input Delays?

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Issue Description:
This happens very often, at random. It does not seem that horde density affects it as it happens even with little enemies on screen. It also does not matter who I’m playing, every one is affected the same way. The lowest FPS i can get might be around 30, otherwise it stays near 60 consistently. My biggest problem, since closed beta(not only preorder beta) has been input delays.

I press 1 for melee or 2 for ranged so I know what I get. I am with my ranged and must switch to melee to protect myself. I press 1, and my character does the animation of them pulling out their melee along with sound, and then at the end of the animation, i automatically have my ranged out again. This can go for multiple more times as I keep pressing my buttons before the server? registers my input and actually takes out my melee. This is also an issue with the reverse, needing to pull my ranged out but stuck animation pulling out my ranged only to automatically go back to melee.

I press c for my grenades/brain burst, and again the same issue. With sharpshooter, I can pull the grenade out and have right click held down ready to throw and it will pull my ranged or melee weapon back out despite more than a few seconds gone by.

Most ranged guns are responsive when I click or ADS. It does what I want it to, but when I play as Ogryn with the Grenade Gauntlet, I feel this gives me the most input problems. I will have my gauntlet aimed and ready to shoot, I click, i hear the sound of the grenade popping out but nothing happens and my ammo does not deplete. I click multiple more times before it finally decides to shoot my grenade.

When I press F to ULT with my character, I hear them yell their lines but my ULT is not depleted. I can press it more times and my character will keep yelling their lines but the ULT has not been registered until it finally does.

By the time the server? registers my input I am sometimes severely injured or downed where I wouldn’t be otherwise had my character done what I wanted it to do at the time i wanted. I am careful not to right click or shift or anything else in case its me that is accidentally canceling my own animations.

I have 0 issues with input in vermintide 2, this is a brand new and frustrating problem to deal with as a player.

Attempted Solutions:
I have set all graphic settings to low and disabled steam overlay to aid with FPS/Performance and this has helped a bit. But problem still persists and I have no idea what else I could possibly do to help it.


PC Specifications:
2080 ti
Intel i7-9700k
32 GBs of ram

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-12-17-18.38.37-023056f4-a924-49f3-bafa-a3333cf6303b.log (1.4 MB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (529.0 KB)