Frequently getting "lost contact with the host"

Hi fatshark,

I’ve been getting “lost contact with the host” ever since I started playing the game again since June. Sometimes I automatically connect to the next host, but most of the time the game crashes and steam hangs.

My Network Settings in-game.

Suggest Other Heroes: ON

Max Upload Speed: 2MBIT/S
Small Network Packets: ON
Quick Play Search Range: MEDIUM
Show Numerical Latency: ON

I tried reverting to default setting, but it does not fix it.

Is it on my end that have issues?


GUID: 95efc290-17fa-45f8-95eb-b670d6755e5d
Log File:
Info Type:

DxDiag.txt (67.7 KB)

I see you’re using the Player List Plus mod in combination with the ‘Small Network Packets’ option which can produce a plethora of issues. Player List Plus can be problematic on it’s own, too, so I’d recommend you disable it and see if there’s any improvement.

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