Frequent major stuttering/low usage

I’m currently using an RTX 3090, Ryzen 5950x OC’d to 5Ghz, 64GB DDR4 4000Mhz, and the game is currently stored on an m.2.

No matter how low I put my settings and how much I lower the resolution, I get the same FPS and extreme stuttering all the way from low @ 1080p all the way to high @ 4k. The only difference is how much base usage it has on my GPU.

In the Psykanium, it works perfectly fine and gives around 120 FPS on 4k and uses just about all of my GPU. In-game, however, I get 80 maximum on any settings and it drops down to 10-20 during very frequent stuttering, even causing my animations to cancel and my game to lag.

So right now, I’ve pretty much run the gauntlet on troubleshooting: verifying the game, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling the game, clearing user config of all RTX settings, etc and I just cannot manage to get these massive stutters, frame loss, and low usage to improve.

I’m not sure what I can even try next, but this is making it impossible to play reliably at all.

don’t know. I have i5 11400f, 16 gb ram 3600, RTX 3070, 70-150 fps on high FULL HD, DLSS quality, with hordes sometimes 70 fps is the minimum. On average, it holds 80-130. And very, very rarely 60 fps. Worker threads - 9. I have 150-140 fps on the basis of the respawn. Latest Driver Invidia. Win 10 21H2
Swap file on SSD- Volume 16000MB, FULL HD. No friezes

that upscaling crap is not “full hd” lol