Frequent dcs/crashes at difficulty IV + endless hordes

As tittle said i encounter many people dc/crash including myself while playing at difficulty IV + endless hordes.
Sometimes its just straight up crash, other times u got dc first, but when u try to reconnect u get crash immediately after. Idk how is that for other people, but i see many people vanish while playing that mode.
Didnt notice frequent crashes on difficulty III and lower thou.

I’m averaging about 1 crash every 2 matches at L2 difficulty. Brand new gaming PC from last year so it’s not a spec issue.

Please include the crash reports produced. Thank you! :slight_smile:

but they are sent to fatshark automatically? i will next time, anyways the crash after dc seems like to happen bcuz u spawn somewhere under textures…Just now got dc again due to “unexisting_channel” or something like that, and once i reconnected i was inside textures, but dis time just trapped under stairs so no crash…