Freesync causes flickering on load screens and menus

Issue Description:
This may not be a fixable issue on your end but I figured you should know about this. On loading screens, and on certain in-game menus like lists of penances, the game has a flickering problem because of Freesync.

Freesync is a similar but free software to nvidia’s G-Sync, it syncronizes the monitor’s display speed to match the speed that the GPU is delivering frames which eliminates problems like screen tearing. However it has some known issues, if framerates drop below 60 this will cause freesync to change the brightness of the screen, if framerates bounce up and down this causes bright flickering across the entire screen.

Steps to Reproduce:

First off, this is purely a display issue and only affects certain monitors so it may be difficult for you to reproduce. I have an Asus TUF VG277Q1A with Freesync Premium. To reproduce the issue all I have to do is sit through a loading screen, such as the sword frigate flying towards atoma, or the inside of the valkyrie on the way to a mission. Alternately I can open the penances menu and switch to a tab that has a long list such as sharpshooter penances, then all I have to do to see flickering is scroll the list up and down.

When I look at my steam overlay FPS indicator it shows that the FPS drops momentarily down from 60, this corresponds to the flickering I see on the screen. Essentially the bug is that loading screens and the penance menu (possibly other screens) are having frame drops and do not render at solid 60 or above. This may be impossible to solve for rendered pre-mission loading screens where you sit in the valkyrie but static loading screens and the penance menu should not have this problem.

This issue does NOT affect gameplay, once I am in the lobby or loaded into a mission the game renders at 60-90 like normal with no visible changes in brightness.

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Since this is purely a display issue caused by the game’s low framerate it would be hard to show any evidence of this, I would have to get a good camera and record my monitor while the game is running, which I don’t have. However the brightness flickering problem with Freesync is a known issue and is worse for monitors with VA or Vertically Aligned pixels, which is what I use.

Experiencing the same on my Lenovo freesync monitor.

The only solution I could find was to simply turn off freesync entirely. I don’t really notice the difference but it’s still irritating that this one game out of all the games I own has this problem.

I honestly thought it’s because of my recent GPU switch and was worried a little so your post gave a good relief that it’s just Freesync. I can, myself, live with it as I’d rather avoid screen tearing as much as possible.

A small price to pay for non-proprietary/low mark-up VRR I’d say tho.