Frag bomb doing much less damage than intended

Issue Description:
Frag bomb seems to be bugged and doing much less damage than intended to carapace and flak armor, and zero damage to Bulwarks

See video below: Cant kill a crusher, mauler, or even scab Rager with a direct blast, and doesnt even do damage to the Bulwark. In the last patch it could kill all of these targets even at the edge of the blast.

I can only assume this is a bug as no patch notes have mentioned the change. The only change related to explosions was in regards to monstrosities. While funnily enough, the only notes that mention anything related to the Frag bomb was actually a buff to the damage the Frag Bomb should deal to carapace and unyielding. Considered that, this seems like unintended behavior and needs fixing as it has completely nullified the grenade’s usefulness.
See patch note images below:

–In the off chance this is not a bug and was a balancing reason, Why?

In its current state it is completely gutted and the Ogryn should carry 4 to 5 of them to make up for the reduced damage. Only having a single one and it not even being able to kill 1 Mauler or Rager even harm a Bulwark? You have to be joking if this was a real balance change, and an unlisted stealth nerf as well.

Steps to Reproduce:
Use the frag bomb and see its bugged state

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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