Foot Knight and Reworked Talents

Contrary to what people would like to believe, Numb to Pain(3 sec invuln) is actually exceptionally good. And the more intense the situation, the more useful it becomes. You can use it to:

  • Charge through gas/gunners/fire/storms
  • Save an ally in gas or other nastiness
  • Charge and not get hit by some odd thing while charging
  • Give a brief moment to kill specials or perform other actions with absolute safety from damage
  • Be grabbed by a special and take no damage during the brief moment it often takes for an ally to peel it off of you
  • Leap off skyscrapers like superman and take no damage

There is more, but this gives some ideas as to practical uses. I initially questioned the idea on invulnerability for an ability that generally staggers most things around you. After using it for a bit though, I found more and more applications to use it and could do things I normally wouldn’t be able to do because of this talent. It saves me from a ton of damage, whether small or large.

The new Foot Knight is really cool because he’s useful even on a simplistic level, but the more you learn with him the more ridiculous stuff you can do and pull off. He’s such a team player of a career.

These kinds of things are an example of what makes talent choices feel fun and impactful. It changes the way you can play the game. It freshens things up and helps you to push the boundaries of what you can do. The reworked talents provide so much more than they did previously. They’re more than just stat modifiers like CDR or crit chance. They change and enhance the way you experience the game. They work towards that goal of making each career feel defined and unique.

Obviously there are tweaks and other things that should be done, but it’s certainly an advancement. Sometimes the use of something isn’t immediately apparent and it ends up being surprisingly cool. Or talents that are just okay in less intense difficulties or games can really shine and be a lot of fun in the more intense experiences(E.G. Ironfeather Flights, Waystalker’s old 100% ammo return on boss death talent).


Am I insane? I swear that invincibility never kicks in until the charge is finished when I use it. I swear I keep taking damage while charging :woozy_face:

I’m very happy that a lot of people love FK, so Fatshark can understand that this is the right way… and that we don’t want see nerf :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, there are still some problems, like this:

Sadly the invulnerability starts when you finish the ult. So it’s not active while you charge.

It starts the instant the F charge effect occurs(which is the beginning). Look at this video and you’ll see the charge buff + Numb from Pain comes at the start. That’s how it has always functioned for me, at least.


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I see what you’re saying and the utility is nice. I’m just not sure it’s much help when FK is basically unkillable even without it.

A good FK should pretty much only go down to disablers, so if the talent made you ungrabable for the duration I could see a use, but as is… If you charge through a storm you still get picked up by it yeah? Edit: just saw the video with the storm. Looks like you just ulted through it and were unaffected? That’s actually pretty great if true.

Probably a better choice than Trample, but only because Trample is almost completely nullified if you end up with a WHC on your team.

Oh, you right. I don’t know, maybe I had taken damage for a bug/lag or similar.

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