Flames Could Use a Nerf

Maybe chunking down the overshield instead of instant 0 on contact? This goes for barrels too.

There should be an exponential ramp up to their damage to leave the player a small margin of action for sure.

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No one can be tough in fire, not even Ogryn.

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Anyone willing to fight while on fire sounds pretty tough to me.

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It’s veterans who fire is very OP against. The whole class is toughness management. Having it arbitrarily set to 0 is unfun.

You should avoid fire… like a fire. :smile:

well its not arbitrary and failure states are in general not fun, that usually lies in overcoming them and not finding yourself in that state.

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It is arbitrary when the fire texture and aoe don’t actually represent if something is fire or not.
Ive seen vets standing in the middle of the 16 bit lava texture yet no chunking while the shield ogryn a stun nade sparkle field away got “set on fire”.

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Yup fully agree, that is why you have the laudest sound queues for Grenadier, Flamer is not far behind. Prioritise danger and eliminate asap. as for barrels… try not to charge into horde with barrels around, use them first to thin the horde ?

never seen it look like that or behave like that , but as you know the rule thats not working that would make it a bug not arbitrary.

works perfectly fine for me. fill out a bug report maybe unless it happens all the time then it might be some graphic setting?

It being bugged does make it arbitrary. And since Fatshark didnt fix chaos spawn claw, zerkers and fire rat in VT, i doubt there will be a fix for most enemy related things in Darktide.
And at least for my luck, unlike crash-no retconnect and back to desktop bs that keeps happening every 3-4 matches, i merely saw the fire hits on allies while personally far more often getting the “even if you walk through fire it does nothing” aspect of misaligned hitbox detection so im just playing with the assumption fire fields are 3x the size and go on with it as real problems of talents, weapons, crafting, crashes, etc need to be fixed first.