Flame storm neef was excessive and too much

What you’ve done to nerf the flame storm charged attack is atrocious.

Storm vermin, plages, berserkers, maulers, banners, all forms of special march right through a fully charged attack, it is literally rendered useless.
You can’t back up and fire a light attack to buy yourself some space as the weapons switch is delayed. You can’t back up and use the charged attack because you will get hammered by attacks because it does ZERO stagger until you’ve used at least half of your fully charged attack.
When you try to switch weapons to block you get staggered and interrupted and end up re switching to your staff which causes you to charge your staff which is an instant death on any weave above 80.

Why did you destroy this weapon?
It has limited range in the first place, and you completely crippled it.

Who makes the decisions on Xbox gameplay changes? Their constant “advice” to nerf anything useful should render their opinion invalid.

STOP RUINING EVERY GOOD THING IN THE GAME. There’s a reason the entire Xbox community talks S about your company and they have zero confidence in your ability to roll out a functional dark tide.

This is garbage.
This has been like this since your nerf like 2-3 years ago.
This weapon is useless.
You can not dodge enough while charging, you can not stagger enough, you are completely vulnerable to stagger rolls that ruined the game when you brought in the winds of magic expansion, you have rendered this weapon as useless as light attacks from swift bow against fire rats and gunners.
Stop nerfing start buffing.

I heard they basically cut the damage and stagger by half in one of the previous patches, maybe even by accident. Well it’s practically useless now against anything but skavenslaves.

I stopped rolling ranged weapons randomly as IB and engineer specifically because getting a drakegun in chaos wastes can make you useless at dealing with specials and force the rest of the party to carry you.


Yip, if you are the witch or the dwarf you can’t take that risk…even the elf if you get the swift bow can be a death sentence.

Maybe while we’re on the topic of buff and de buff, maybe we can nerf the beastmen in the wastes that come at you with the majority being the beefed up members of the horde, unlike every other faction, and proceed to attack you with 4-6 attacks staggered over 2 seconds in a fashion that you have no ability to parry/block enough to not take damage even with a shield equipped, this tends to stack and repeat as you are unable to make attacks or stagger them because there is no window between the attacks.
This is an unreasonable ask especially on the first mission.
THE BEASTMEN ARE IMBALANCED, there is no reasonable comparison between the horde strengths, stagger resistances or even the wave sizes.

Said it before, I’ll say it again, game was perfect before winds of magic.
If we wanted to play vermintide 1, we would play V1.