Fix talents and traits, not ammo and heat generation

Nevermind, i just got the gist you were biased but i just got the meaning scrambled on that sentence.

Just since theres a lot of heat going on about kruber longbow not being good enough yadda yadda, when it is without a doubt a top tier ranged weapon.

Sure scoring a headshot to dip into talents may not be as easy with the way it zooms, it does boast the best elite removal in my book.

Agreed. Though I think half of its power comes from Waste Not, Want Not and Taal’s Blessing.

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Nah fam, it would still have its place without talents, the precise long range sheer dickin’ you can deal out on legendary with enough power to bodyshot stormvermins because of its innately high number of targets and armor pen.

I’m not sure if it negates monsters ‘resistent’ or if its the headshot / crit multiplier it adds up, chaos troll can be forces into regen state in 2 headshots on champ, 3 on leg.