Five+ Things FS Must Implement

Secondary objectives must give improved rewards. At the moment you’re risking your run mediocerly (tomes) or severely (grims) by carrying them for what - 10% reward?
IMHO it should give 20-30% and also affect crafting mats.
It’d make people care a bit more.

Regarding brain burst.
Firstly I played as ogryn and zealot and I was pleasantly surprised to see psykers lighting up enemies for me to headshot.
Then I rolled a psyker. Ahem… I was a bit wrong about brain burst.
But think about it: the whole screen is either dark with nothing visible or too bright with flames raging everywhere and the only thing you see is the BB halo.
That’s a wonderful design decision.
My suggestion, make this halo visible only for other psykers and make is less visible for non-psykers.

It’s also more like a bug than a suggestion: prevent baddies from clipping through character models.
Having an ogryn with a shield to see a bunch of zombies walking through you and attacking you from behind, or better a bomber jumping thru you and exploding everyone does not sound right.

I’ve noticed that some guns sometimes shoot two projectiles instead of 1. Or rather 1 shot is free. However, I have not found it anywhere in the description.
I certainly wouldn’t like you to fix this bug. It’s a feature not a bug.
So please don’t remove it, just give it a proper description and make it rare or smth.

Neither you nor the baddies have friendly fire. Most of shots that you fire don’t affect your party members. The situation is the same for the enemies.
This is another flaw and must be rectified.
IMHO it would be much more fun if you had to watch where you’re shooting. And could position the enemies to your advantage.

Remove attacks that deplete your toughness in 1 hit. Pyrophobia, which all the characters suffer is ridiculous: you live in this hellish hellworld with demons and monsters and mutants, but it takes you one whiff of 5cm flame on the floor to loose all toughness. I certainly don’t mean the game to be easier though. But this idea is ridiculous.

Let us start the game client circumventing the launcher. It happens so often - you click the game in the steam and go to brew some tea while the credits roll, you come 5 minutes later to the launcher…
Let us remove the cutscenes: look, I know that you made the game, I love it, I’ve played 100+ hrs since launch. As much as I’m your fan I hate, hate, hate skipping through the intros every time I start the game. The client crashes (on average) every 20-30 minutes so, every time I have to go through the whole launcher/intros ganutlet bs.
Besides the cinematic (totally cool and in-style) has nothing to do with the start of the game - you’d be showing it to us after (or before) we create our character.


I specifically came to this forum to request that friendly fire be turned on for both enemies and the party. Like V2 maybe just turn it on for Malice and higher difficulty the same way V2 only had ff for Champion and higher (I think? It’s been a minute since I played Veteran). Two main reasons for this:

  1. It adds a dimension of party ordering that I think is super fun. In V2 having a tanky dwarf out front was awesome because everyone could just shoot over him. In DT it would be interesting to see how Ogryns manage the obvious reverse issue. It seems like Ogryns have some work to be done in terms of balancing this anyway so maybe you’d need to make up for this new disadvantage with some other improvement. More Toughness would be nice, for example. One caveat here is that I could imagine the Psyker not dealing FF. Unlike Sienna’s fireballs, Psychic effects could totally go straight through friendlies and that would make sense.

  2. It allows you to stack enemies up in such a way that they can’t effectively get a line of fire on you. It’s incredibly annoying to be hit by 4 laz guns from the same line of sight because you know that makes zero sense. Force the enemies to take a step to the side in order to fire around their buddies (and force us to do the same).


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaabsolutely not.
The Ogryn would become an active detriment to the team.


My suggestion, make this halo visible only for other psykers and make is less visible for non-psykers.

It is extremely important that other players can see what you are brain bursting. Unless it’s a very high value target, it is crucial that other players know when to ignore an enemy that is being BB’d so that they don’t waste the psyker’s time and peril.

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if they put on Friendly fire no one whould play Ogryn’s
and the game woud be open to trolls that don’t like a players killing them just to troll
Friendly fire off is far better

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Well, you’d have to work around it. Same as in V2. You could give Ogryn (and other professions) feats that’d help with ff, but frankly, there’re few situations that you absolutely have to shoot at/through your teammates.

It is. That’s why I’m suggesting a dark halo.
ATM the enemy with the light BB halo usually dies first - because he’s the easiest target out there.
There’d be at least a PSA that your psykers really need that BB for a buff cause I hadn’t known it before I rolled a psyker…

I’m an ogryn and rubber bullets in the ass just aren’t cutting it anymore

You and I are not playing the same game.
People would actively play Ogryn less because the utility he brings to the team is not worth interfering with the other classes’ jobs, particularly the Veteran. I can’t tell you the number of times the Ogryn has walked through me and taken two or three bolter rounds.
FF wasn’t as big of a problem in VT2 because
1.) Ranged combat played a significantly smaller role in the overall gameplay loop and
2.) None of the characters were as big as a fething Leman Russ.

Well, and it’s not the problem of the shooter - it is gun safety 101 - don’t walk in from of the shooter!
There’s a same problem in V2 - but it’s a problem of bad players not bad design solutions.


Now address literally everything else I just said.

None of your points are affected by friendly fire.
Of course it sets up some restrictions for the fire team (try to shoot ogryn less). But at the same time it allows for more interesting interactions with the enemies who’d also mow down their buddies.
Ratling gunner mowing down a horde or slaughtering a Roger are memories that make V1-2 so special.