First Sniper Shot Bug

This bug is simple.

I’ve noticed that when a sniper newly spawns in/ when a sniper is already set up looking through the scope with the laser near target ;

the moment u get into it’s sightlines, it will simultaneously flash, sound queue, and shoot at the same time. It only occurs for it’s first shot, the moment you first encounter it.


Can confirm. It’s not every time - but when it does happen, it’s pretty obvious.

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Hmmmm I’d been chalking this up to me having bad reaction time or something but now that you say this that does sound kinda accurate. I do sometimes feel like I’m being borderline insta shot. I wonder if anyone can capture footage of it.


It’s becoming more and more prevalent. Literally no one notices a sniper/it’s laser, out of no where you turn a corner during a horde and you’re instantly shot while the audio queue goes off at the same time.

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