Fires are too strong and can not be handled

Espacially in ‘more specialists’ , 3 kinds of specialists can make the ground burn. If no one can handle them quickly (now only can kill it), there will soon be no place to stand. Here are my suggestions:

  1. simply nerf the fires, not clear the toughness immediately or make players shudder.
  2. Add some firemen, such as vet’s smoke grenade, psyker’s Psykinetic’s Wrath and Telekine Shield, zealot’s Chorus of Spiritual Fortitude and fire bomb(lol), orgin’s grenade can be used to put out the fire. Even some weapons can do it, psyker’s staffs technically causes low temperature phenomenon.

Telekine shield will block a flamer’s attack, but not fire from bombs or barrels. It really feels like it should do both.

As for the ‘more specialists’ mod spawning more fire enemies, that’s kind of the point. If you don’t want to deal with that, don’t play that mod.


Oh buddy, you just stepped into a bear trap. There’s another thread in which people are going back and forth insulting one another about the fire damage. Fair warning. NOTE: the fire is pretty annoying as it is right now, although the time reduction for being downed in fire feels appropriate. We also do need a more obvious color shift for zealot fire, and the tutorial needs to mention there is no team damage.

if the hardest difficulty can easily be managed no matter the teamcomp, then with a well balanced group it would be easy asf

if you don’t have someone who can deal with em quickly, sounds to me that you failed to have a complimentary squad. wich can be compensated for ofc

the idea to have some abilities clear out fire is not a bad one tho, as it requires resources i don’t see why not…

tbh op talks like its an alt acc. but what do i know :zipper_mouth_face:

I don’t think fires are a massive threat unless your team fails to target and kill the specialists that are constantly creating them, but I would like to point out 1 gripe I have with them since this thread is about enemy fires.

Anti Fire Curios Don’t Work!
For one, bomber resistance doesn’t affect the fire damage, unless this was changed which i don’t think it was. There is also no way to reduce barrel fire. So the only “working” fire resistance is flamer curios, which is too niche IMO.
Fire Resistance should just be a single all encompassing curio perk!


Here are my earnest suggestions, which i will attempt to say in a kindly manner:

There is only one person who needs to worry about whether or not specialists are being handled quickly and that person is you. If you do not do the job then yes; there is a risk that flamers and bombers may fill the ground with fire and kill you and your team. As intended. Target priority and a kit capable of, at least, flexing into any threat are key skills and i wouldn’t want to see that change.

There is no need to further nerf fire after the mobility debuff hell was finally ended. They’re really only particularly dangerous when ignored and are extremely obvious enemies.

Just allow me to revive my comrades in the fire and I’ll be happy.

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