Fire is so unfair it just removes all fun

Alot of you dont play auric T5 hi intensity shock troop gauntlet and it shows

If you are struggle with something, doesn’t mean everyone struggles too. You can choose to take notes from advices and improve or keep searching for echo chamber

Yes. Cause a lot of us play auric maelstrom.


WW2 guy that gets incinerated by flamethrower: “good that this does only tick damage so i can get revenge kills”.

survived because had enough healthkits to counter regen HP

The fire can def be a bit much sometimes… I mean, i don’t mind it as something you gotta dodge around etc but sometimes it saturates whole areas and that does feel a bit bad tbh

Edit: posted the wrong link originally, but since it also has a ridiculous amount of fire, I’ll just share both here –


in all that mess, none even tried to ping either the flamer or the bomber, and as result no attempts were made to kill the threats.
you have your reloaded revolver, best condition to do exactly that.

look flames should be way more deadly to enemies, and the visibility should be better, but in that clip there were options
also hella unlucky that heal station didn’t go through

God the elitism in this forum…

I just finished a T5 Auric shock Gautlet Circus right now.

We had to cover the entire map in 2 because there was a shadow zealot that kept running forth activating everything and then hiding to make us the targets, and the third guy died after the event in the basement.

I still think fire mechanic is stupid and should be changed.


Actually posted the wrong clip, fixed it :confused: altho that one did also have a ton of fire – indeed we flubbed that end event pretty badly! My friend kept disconnecting/reconnecting which made things confusing as heck, plus I was just playing poorly that day. Anyway tho, point is, there are def situations where fire completely saturates an area – the exit elevator to Refinery Delta, is the example I was trying to share – and that feels a little unfair. Yea, you can always position yourself better beforehand or whatever, but still it really sucks when the whole area around you is just fire and you die.

well it was excessive to be fair

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Pretty much been said. Just in case - flamer’s turn speed is low you can just run at them in a slightly arc trajectory if you need to get them in melee, or you can jump over flame.

And their first tick is a bit delayed or something, you can just facetank it sometimes without loosing toughness if you kill it fast enough (with range weapon mostly).
Like it’s clear in this moment i lost my toughness not right immediately

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While I may not agree with everything OP is saying I definitely think fire specialists are pretty annoying and don’t always have reliable counterplay. I much preferred the Vermintide 2 specialists, gas rats and warpfire throwers felt a lot better to go against in my opinion. It’s not 100% the design of the specialists either, map design and spawn points also go into it.

All the flamethrowers have HUGE range to the point where they can shoot up or down like 2 stories, and the flame even seems to spread around corners to some extent. And of course bombers are 100x more dangerous than gas rats ever were thanks to their instant toughness removal. In general I just think the Darktide specialists are really not as well designed in my opinion, but talking about all of the issues I have with them would be a huge off-topic rant. I wouldn’t complain if they changed it to really huge tick damage instead.

True! Flamers by themselves are very doable, but if there’s a few flamers and bombers around it can be tricky – ex if you have to pass through the bomber’s fire to get to the flamer.

Btw in case it’s not clear, my point is not at all that the situations in those videos were 100% unwinnable – in both cases afterwards I was definitely like AHHH IF I HAD DONE X Y AND Z I COULD HAVE WONNNN!! CURSE MY WRETCHED DRUNKEN BODY – but rather just that the situation where an area gets completely saturated by fire feels a bit unfair.

The solution clearly is to add a special ability “urinate” which allows you to urinate on the flames, thereby extinguishing them


Yeah I mean just dropping random tips maybe someone reading this thread will find it helpfull.


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what i don’t frickin’ get is WHY AM I SLOWED WHEN THE BOMBER GRENADE DOESN’T EVEN HIT ME? the grenade will go off a good distance away from me, i’m not in the actual fire/aoe range of it, and my character still gets slowed. why? i could understand if i’m IN the fire, but i’m not.

i mean, i don’t even care that it instantly reduces your toughness to zero if you’re actually in the fire, but not being hit by it and still being cc’d is ridiculous.


I wish you could endure the fire as long as you would RUN through it. Walk normally or stand still, only THEN it will each away your toughness/health. It would at least give you some sort of an option, instead of just jumping like an idiot.

This gave me an interesting idea, you could have a choice of holy water flasks instead of grenades that would function similar but instead of causing high damage it would extinguish fire maybe even give a stun lock or small tick damage.

It would definitely give players a better chance at dealing with fubar flame scenarios without taking away the challenge, considering that their only use would be flame mitigation at the cost of more powerful grenades.

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Could even make the zealot immolation nade have an initial flame clearing effect when you throw it down without changing anything else about it, of course with the downside of new flame being introduced not being affected by the immolation.

I do not. I’m guessing it’s the same setting that makes it look identical to the non-damaging fire from zealot’s firebomb.

I have a bigger problem with fire stunlocking you, because it constantly breaks the regenerating toughness, so you are basically unable to move. When fire breaks your toughness, it should be the only source that does not stun you.


to be honest the game would feel way better when the thoughness stun would be just gone, along with the ranged fire displacement effect


Oh, I also find fire to be immense visual clutter. Probably at least 50% worse than gas in V2. Staggered, can’t see, missing toughness, etc… It’s very annoying to me and it can be dangerous without doing all this stuff.