Few gripes/feedback

  1. Make a first person mode for waiting around when you die. Be fun to watch people in this mode.

  2. Make Legend level 30 only, /600 hero power. Tired of level teens and 20s joining when they should be playing champion.

  3. I’m sure this has already been discussed but make Reds craftable, but require a ton of crafting material. I’m sure a majority of the 200+ hour crew would love it.

  4. And four, Verm1 maps with Verm2. Thank you kindly…

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  1. Cool

  2. It´s up to the skill of the player and not to the heropower… i played Legend after reaching lvl 10 with my twinks so yeah… I managed it not to die and still being effectiv.

  3. Yes got discussed 1000 times

  4. Agree!

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How about allow MORE low levels to join legend games because news flash:

It’s not that hard.

To some it is, I’m not saying I’m the greatest player in the world. But I’ve had my run in with low levels playing Legend. It’s a little different then Veteran or Champ, just a smidge…

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