Female rigged cosmetics

Are there any plans to rig cosmetics for female characters?
I mean my toon looks pretty butch with a tiny head on a massive male rigged body.


the body types look plenty different to me. They are meant to be soldiers, not supermodels, afterall…

Then I suggest you go visit an optician, I do not expect paid cosmetics to be so lazily rigged,
how does this translate into this?


Because the Soldier wears the standard millitarum chest armor under that jacket.


First this is coming from my perspective as a woman.
I personally think the skin should fit the body type. It’s plain lazy development to slap the male model skin onto the female rig. The fact they made it ONLY for the male model is a bit insulting. It looks out of place and make’s the fem head look really small. I personally am not looking for “super model” proportions, that’s a bit of a strawman argument. Just make the shoulders less broad and shrink the skin to fit the body type so it looks less uncanny.


I noticed Sharpshooter armor are good, especially steel legion ones .

but yeah , the customization and character creation needs huge amount of improvement, from face variants, hair variants and so on.