Felinid customisations

Dear Fatshark,

Would it be possible to have some sort of Felinid customisations for Darktide please?
For example hairstyles to give the impression of a Felinid.
Or perhaps some themed armour?

Using this as a reference:
Dumizid Felinid Hellcats | Warhammer 40,000 Homebrew Wiki | Fandom

I am sure aside from myself, there would be others willing to pay for Felinid cosmetics.

Kind regards

My first thought:


First and Actual thought.

And no, i don’t want to see furry cosmetics.


Very weak bait, needs more worm.


Not before GW make official arts of them

So never

Beastmen cosmetics/archetype though…


Good morning,

Wasn’t trying to bait, just a Felinid enthusiast.

I’m not looking for them to put full on Furries in the game, but maybe a hairstyle to act as a silhouette.
Or themed armours like they did for Krieg.

The link I posted had some armour ideas,
which could act as a reference of sorts.
I understand this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea however.

But I think Fatshark aren’t beyond having a bit of fun with their games.

Kind regards

But that’s a reference, which GW made

Here GW has avoided showing them

over a million worlds, a trillion souls and lots of tithes and criminals.
Rare by imperial standerds could be a single world with 8 billion cat people.

So the idea we somehow intercept a prison transport with a few thousand angy catz isn’t outside the realm of possabilities.

As for GW not showing them, thats a drop amungst a sea of niche things yet to be given official art. and some of those are for the best, like that ting we dont talk about.
but if fatshark shows theres a paying market for this kinda stuff they’ll do more.
like we’ve seen with beastmen recently and a bunch of the fun necromunda stuff.

the fanbase for this kinda stuff do bring in money and often times have ALLOT of spare income cash. so its not the worst idea to tap into.

personally I’d enjoy beastmen but I think official depictions of more abhumans would be great for fans to have. means I get more cool minis to paint.
lord knows that old list of known accepted ones is super outdated.

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For a porn artist maybe. Keep that fetish garbage out of my video games please. If you really want WH40k furry stuff then buy a fursuit and kitbash it or something


Please no.


I can say as an absalute degenerate myself that furries are on 1 of many fetish groups already in the fandom for years.
Thanks to vermintide skaven really blew up in recent years.

I however enjoy muscular dwarf lasses.

beside look on the bright side, if you hate furries adding more of them to 40k means they are subjected to the suffering and hellscape of imperial life.

If I see anyone in Felinid cosmetics I am going to constantly barrel troll, steal health and ammo, and never revive them.

I don’t care what the Imperium classifies them as they are disgusting filthy mutants.

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No beard? Ew.


That video gave me great joy when I saw it a few weeks ago. Right up my ally when it comes to humour.


Warhammer Dwarf ladies never had beards
But they do have lovely braids

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can agree, tis disapointing.
But I find a few of those about. :wink:

I see your one of the people who enjoy the skaven smut.
What with wanting to cosplay the mindset so well.