Feedback for aquilla shop cosmetics

Please give us an option to disable certain parts of helmet/armor cosmetics , for example when you buy a Community skin in warframe and equip it on a warframe you can enable/disable “prime” features on prime warframes and I’d like to have a similiar option and PLEASE make some of the “loose” skins with camo match actual armour we already have in-game I’ll make some examples below.

Toggle Options

Ogryn Ogmore MK IA Commando Beret : should have an option to toggle the cloth mask on/off. It’s a good looking skin but IMO the cloth rag mask ruins it for me.

Ogryn Krourk Mk IIId Blast Googles: option to toogle the googles to be up ( on the forehead) or down ( on the eyes like it’s standard right now)

Veteran The Nox wars bundle helmets. I’d like to have an option to toggle the googles on/off similiar to the krourk blast googles.

Veteran Tank Corporal Helvin “Recaf” Meck Outfit. I’d like to have an option to open the jacket so you can see the entire combat armour

Veteran Bandana (Karst Skin Camo). I’d like to have an option to toggle the googles on/off, like mentioned above.

Veteran Armageddon MK IIIA Pot Helm: I’d like to have an option to toggle the Loh sticks and the matches on it on/off, it looks a bit out of place IMO.

Camouflage skins

Ogryn Barskein Xenocide hat the green/black variant has a too bright green part so it doesn’t match with any other cosmetics in-game. It would be nice if u could slightly “rework” it so it matches some of the standard cosmetics colour wise , for example like the “latriners gear” or the “armageddon pattern brute birches” colour patterns or make it match the “froka the boulder” set.

I just think there are alot of weird colour patterns in the cosmetic shop that don’t really match the maps we are playing. Like the green/earth brown pattern skins that just look weird if 90% of the current maps are set inside the hive and some outside with some sand, or they don’t match the rest of the cosmetics so you can’t mix them very good with others, especially Veteran and the Ogryn seem to have this Issue since Zealot skins seem to be mostly in a matching red colour. I think cosmetics should be able to be mixed without having some weird green tone or otherwise non existing pattern on other items interfering if they aren’t part of a “finished” set like the Armageddon Steel legion set. And PLEASE ENABLE HAIR FOR ZEALOT HOODS

Thanks for reading.


Please add tubing to the Armageddon Mk IIIa Pot Helm that attaches to the base of the mask. I agree with what OP stated above but my main gripe is the Krieg set doesn’t look like Krieg. :frowning:

I would also be happy with a standard issue Krieg uniform so I can live out my lemming desires to my heart’s content.

Because it’s not a Krieg set? It’s an Armageddon set?
I mean, with all the criticism that can be leveraged at fatshark for a lot of things, Armageddon is NOT Krieg, it’s a completely different world whose guard regiments also happen to wear Gasmasks - and for that one, it’s actually a pretty faithful recreation. I have no doubt that a Krieg skin will be in the game (my guess is around christmas, considering Kriegs popularity).

Totally want this. The new Zealot cosmetic has these comically large Halloween plastic arm cuffs from 1600 that just look absolutely ridiculous

I came here to ask for the same thing. I bought this cosmetic instantly when I saw it for the Beret… I didn’t even realize the mask thing was part of it. All I literally wanted was the beret. So it would be ideal to turn it off, but I’d also accept just the beret as a skin…