Feedback - After the patch virtually nothing changed

Sure, the game is harder but sienna beamstaff outdamages every single class still, the dominant careers still outclasses their peers. Ranged was supposed to get a big nerf compared to meele but realistic only the flamethrower got nerfed.

I was very excited to some change only to find virtually none.

And everybody who isn’t the host is still getting a damage penalty.



Ranged was supposed to get a big nerf compared to meele melee



well this was more about fixing the broken hero power scaling and fixing a lot of the broken talents/traits.

I to was hoping there would be more balance work i am surprised that beam pyro is going to get to the month of being utterly broken mark without any fix but hey on the upside they needed to fix the broken stuff first hopefully some balance work will come soon

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Continuing the discussion from Patch notes - 1.0.5 BETA:

might be reading into these?
they seemed to think the changes would hit ranged more than melee and maybe it did , but it wasnt close to enough.

What was even the point of the beta branch testing when it was all reverted anyways? Everyone was cleaving, staggering and hitting too hard. So we go through this patch where the scaling gets fixed, only to simultaneously lower enemies stagger and cleave values down to Champion level. Most characters feel identical to the way they were in 1.04, and the ones who have working talents now have turned the meat grinder into even more obscene levels. Elites are back to being a complete afterthought again as cleave weapons are staggering them even after going through multiple other enemies. Things take an extra hit or two depending on what weapon/class you’re using but does it even matter when everything in front of you is staggered?

I love the bug fixes (thank god for no more phantom swings) and it’s nice to see certain talents and things get looked at so I’m not trying to be completely negative on it, it’s just confusing is all. Testing that patch out characters felt more specialized and teamwork was way heavier as a result of everyone being weaker, other than beam staff Pyromancer. Maybe the 1.05 patch that was tested was too much of a nerf too quickly, though I honestly feel it was more of a case that certain weapons needed a bit of love, but it feels like nothing changed at all and in some cases characters are even stronger than before.

That was refering to the blanket change to hero power they had. There was nothing in there about hitting ranged again on top of the adjustment everyone got.

The point of the beta was to see how many people thought they’d gone too far. Turns out it was a lot and the tidalwaves of feedback saying that it was unfun drowned out those who felt the changes were closer in spirit to VT1 and led to engaging gameplay.

Personally, both sides have valid points, but it’s not like this is the last patch ever. Things can continue to be tweaked, but really, a flat ~30-40% damage adjustment on top of the ~halved stagger would have caused a major uproar amongst the less hardcore players and as such, there’s a business case to answer to considering they’ve got DLC coming out soon’ish.

Afterall, what would be the point of having a beta if you were going to ignore all the feedback and just issue it to live regardless?

well this game is being played as a ranged shooter right now and they keep saying it is meant to be melee focused , they claim the balance changes will make it more that way.

didnt think it was a big leap to think ranged might of got a bit of a balance pass this time around. /shrug

Game now require more swordplay since they reworked stagger on some weapons but less enemies will spawn per mission. (thats patch 1.05 in short)

i understand why people didn’t like the beta branch, but it’s honestly worse than it was before and the entire thing feels pointless. lowering the enemies stagger/cleave values down to champion levels pretty much un did any power nerf, and with the talents, power bonuses, phantom strikes being fixed it’s legitimately easier than it’s ever been other than when the director has his spaz out moments. i don’t even play a class that has any way to make up for the nerfed/fixed scaling and i still feel stronger.

Yeah, I feel no difference in the gameplay. Still boring.

Theres lots of changes. Like the sad change of veteran rewards now being hero power 300 instead of 200 max.

The loot-druggies are crying to make the game easier so they can get their fixes… its so so sad. Fat shark heard their cries and tossed them some bread crumbs, I just hope they stop feeding those types.

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