Fatshark's Silence is Deafening

You were suspended for reporting a moderation comment as spam or off topic, nothing more nor less. You can see throughout the forums we do not take action against critics or negative commentary though. That said, creating burner accounts to bypass account sanctions is a gross violation of the forum guidelines.

DMd you earlier :slight_smile:


It’s a little discouraging that most interaction we get with staff is… this.

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As noted elsewhere we’ll have word out to you soon. In the mean time regular moderation activities will continue.


Next Week?


----------MOVE ALONG CITIZENS----------
----------NOTHING TO SEE HERE-----------
---------- OBEY THE SOON :tm:----------
----------EMBRACE “NEXT WEEK”---------


@Fatshark_Hedge huh?

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Is soon more or less than “next week”?


Haven’t we been told every week now that there will be an community update? Whats the deal?


They have been updating us on the upcoming community update that will update us on the upcoming hotfixes which will eventually usher in an update to the game and that will probably come with its own update to the community update for the eventual update that everyone has been waiting for.

Its immeasurably complex and as @Fatshark_Hedge would say, its not COD.


Also, it fits nicely into the lore.


its a demoralization tactic. perpetual war… 2 more weeks.


We know end of week is usually the time of week for community updates anyway. I completely share everyone’s frustration but probably not much to be gained by complaining here every day. We might get something this Thursday/Friday (FS time). If we still don’t get it by end of this week I’ll be here complaining with the rest of you. In the mean time probably best to distract yourselves with something else.


On the whole topic of the “next week” thing,

If you’ve been with FS a while you’ll know this is how they operate. They take their time, play their card close to their chest and just pump out whatever they’ve been working on.

HOWEVER, this was before the founders sold their shares. There is now an outside influence in the form of shareholders that can (and will) apply pressure for a return and if we also consider VT2 was Peer-to-peer so had no costs involved, whereas running DT’s servers is going to take money there’s a constant trickle of money lost if no one is playing or buying the FOMO cash shop.

The longer things take it’ll cost more money. It may be that FS can ignore their playerbase (as they historically have) but you cannot ignore shareholders sending emails saying…

“Erm, wtf you doing?”

So it might actually be that selling out could have a net gain for players in the long run as FS have to answer to someone properly now and can’t just be tootling along saying “next week”. Shareholders don’t like that kind of thing.

[edit] it’s entitrely possible the shareholder have said something along the lines of “we’re sick of the delay, you’ve had an extra year, get the f*cking game launched before Christmas before we hemorrage too much money.” and FS had no choice. Coupled with the fact they might ALSO have needed to pay to keep the lights on it’s their own lackadaisical methods caught them out properly this time.


this month right?

The open letter sent out is… actually a good thing to see. It seems that the outcry has been enough to at least move the CEO to lip service. Lip service is better than nothing presently. I look forward to HOW they’re going to go about roadmapping their way to a complete and more compelling game.

I hope the mention of delay things for the coming months doesn’t apply to comms too.

I believe their continued silence aside from their “delay delay delay” comms and the open letter are a sign of the level of communication to come.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: the CMs are being actively hobbled by the people making decisions at the company.

This sucks for us, because it leaves us in the dark for one, but it also sucks for CMs because all they can do is give us the usual stall tactics instead of something to sink our teeth into.

It would be nice if they were let loose a bit, but whoever is calling the shots is keeping them on a short leash thinking it’s better to do damage control through silence than open and transparent communication.

If they give me a direct line to Magnuson so I can text him questions and he can respond with “***k off” to every single one of them, I’d be just as useful as the CMs.