Fatshark NEEDS to at least make their game playable by the benchmak

ive got a friend running an i5 more modern generation processor, with a well above the RAM requirement and a GTX-1070, and he cant even get passed the prologue, the cutscenes run like a powerpoint presentation and whenever he beats said first introduction mission. the game always crashes and forces him to go all the way back to character creation. he has tried this 20 times, ten on day one and another 10 today. and consistently- every. single. time. he has gotten the same crash.
dont get me wrong, Fatshark. i fully understand this is a beta still. But how can we be expected to test a game with hardware close to the benchmark when you cant even drop a BETA stable enough to even be played? this is especially concerning considering you have all of 2 weeks and some change to make your game even stable enough to run.

this is unacceptable and you should have made absolutely, positively SURE that your game was at least not prone to crashing CONSTANTLY at the PROLOGUE for God’s sake. make your game, at bare friggin’ minimum- playable for people who are nearer the benchmark hardware requirements. we literally PAYED you- to test YOUR game for YOU.

I agree the optimization is horrible. The crashing should have been mostly fixed by now.

But you are saying you paid to test their game? No. That’s not how pre order works. There was, correct me if I’m wrong, no announcement made for a beta before the release specifically for pre orderers, when you could first preorder. And if there was, you have the option to not play it. The game actually releases (the thing you paid for, and not a cent more for a beta opportunity) in a week or two. Where more than half of these problems won’t be fixed.

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i know what im saying was a bit of a stretch there. but my point on the paying them to test their game is the fact that its very self evident they didnt stress test their game for stability. because ultimately its easier to get that data from real world players. which is fine, that means i get a product a bit early even if its a bit buggy. my problem lies however with the fact that stability is so bad that it hardly justifies playing the beta in the first place. i fail to see the point in leaving a game unplayably unstable if you want data on said game as its is played. i dunno if im making sense. we are effectivly free labor for them. the least they could do is have the game be a semblance of “finished” in a beta two weeks before launch

that is probably a sign of old mechanical hard drive having issues. i had that got myself a little sata ssd and it went away.

that isnt the case, he and i are running ssd and he’s the one having problems still. its just game stability. particularly as it applies to hardware slightly older. he’s past the point of the benchmark. but hes still having issues that make the game unable to be played

I’m just saying the crashes and disconnects should go away on 11/30. be gone, otherwise they’ll get a shitstorm, nobody here wants to see that, at least not me. I must also admit that I would be very disappointed if this was not resolved as soon as possible. But I have to admit, the game runs very well on my old hardware and I only had 2-3 crashes in 75 hours (first and second beta).

that remains to be seen, i like your optimism but its very troubling that we’re getting stuff thats this bad only 2 weeks ahead of launch. im testing performance right now with him and weve been in the loading screen with the servo-skull for- i think 30 minutes now? he lives in Kentucky so i dont know if there are good connections over there, but his internet could download the game before an hour had passed. so suffice to say he shouldnt even be having these issues

I dont know where you spotted optimism in my post, lets just hope it gets fix soon :wink:

another report, hes given me a full telling of his problems after the fact. which is he since beating the prologue he has been able to load into a grand total of zero games. its the same thing, how he crashed varies widely but the problem that happens before the crash is hes in that preamble loading screen where your mission is given to you in the flyer while the squad is sitting down being briefed. which means for whatever reason the servers are simply putting him in this loading screen limbo until a random crash rolls around to take him away

It would help a lot if you could get a fully detailed survey of his Hardware.
Just saying “it isnt that bad” doesnt really help.
Whats his CPU, GPU, how much RAM and which Type, where is the Game installed, whats his Internet Connection…

The 1070 is kinda old, so im not surprised here.

well im running on an i7-6700 and 1080 it runs a lot better than expected had a few crashes transitiong through matchmaking . so at its core its stable and good just need to iron out the issues people are having
see what this week brings i expect they will be focusing on stability and crash issues

it is playable, just runs really badly, no crashes for me, I am guessing your software is out of date or something

okay so worst bug thus far my friend has run into is a loading screen limbo where he’s stuck perpetually in the Valkyrie loading sequence until a crash eventually comes. im not sure if theres a specific error that plagues him, but its my guess that hes simply loading for so long that when a crash eventually comes it takes so long to load that he never gets to play, common error code is 2003. (my most common error code is when im playing, 2007)