Fatshark is looking for staff

Good sign if this includes team leads, bad if it’s just lower level coders who get fired and replaced by a new batch of people who have to follow the same dictates from incompetent management.

A few of those roles look like they could be put to work on the UI. The various UIs in DT have a very “it works” kind of feel about them, which suggests to me that they didn’t have the resources to get them to a satisfactory stage before launch. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re looking for people to improve them.


Or maybe they will hire more employees… and this is needed obviously.
more than 1 month without any patch. Just an hotfix one month ago.

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I hope they replace whoever was responsible for the trash RNG progression system.

Darktide has one of the worst progression systems I’ve ever seen in a game. It’s just layers, upon layers, upon layers of RNG.

Might as well call the game Casinotide with how much luck is involved on getting the items I want.


I am also looking for staff for my Psyker, but I only ever got a semi-decent surge staff from the slot machine.


I seriously believe that pple who made V1/2 left years ago or at least had nothing to do with DT development.


I don’t think so. The core gameplay loop, which is great in all these titles, remains in place here. It’s all of the systems around that are… baffling.

Exactly, that’s why I’m thinking that the people who designed them for V1-2 were no available.

I think its more likely that everything in this game was contorted around being a service game. The lack of service was its own problem, but core to those game’s philosophy is a literal trickle of whatever necessary in game consumable(s) you need to progress. Those data mined booster functions were 100% the ‘paid’ or in someway applied solution to the problem they made, but obviously went on the backburner like store cosmetics while they try to recover from 30% review score.

The real telling parts are the absolute refusal to adjust things on the backend, considering all these RNG weapons are generated by the server, which wouldn’t even need an update. Those boosters are planned to be unveiled anyway, when they think a month+ of bug fixes will somehow fix the game’s current reputation.