Fatshark if you have a green light from Xbox for the update, release it

Don’t wait on Sony, for example: NBA2k does that they release updates separately which ever comes first

Some New Info :

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As a PS4 player I’d be fine with this. I’m not sure how staggering updates would affect the events that are supposed to be included with the update though, but it’s not like we have crossplay so why not let some of the consoles’ players enjoy the update we have been waiting forever to get.

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Yeah man i feel you, I’ve been on PS4 and moved to xbox, NBA2K always released updates first on ps4 then xbox , I don’t care who gets it first but why wait if XBOX said “you gotta green light” let’s go!

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I don’t recall Fatshark saying that they have a “green light” on the update.

You are spamming, and we’re all sick of it. The update will come out when it comes out. What makes you think the Xbox update is waiting on Sony?

Please do us all a favor and chillax yourself.


Who is “We” ? dude speak for yourself , don’t forget to report me .

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I imagine that would be pretty clear, if you’ve read half of the replies to your many spam posts.

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Damn Ok cool report me

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@Flinlock speaks for me too. I’m one of the “we”. I am also absolutely sick of the mindless spam you seem to keep spouting whenever you get unrestricted access to the internet.

The real irony is that no-one needs to report you - your own behavior is enough to get you right to the top of the list of people on the receiving end of the ban-hammer. Not that it’s stopped you before but hey you keep plugging away! I’m sure constantly nagging a professional games company over thing that they have no control over will surely deliver results!


Thanks dude , just don’t explode

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Yeah I know I spoke in favor of keeping in touch with FS the other day in your last thread, but this is the kind of negative influence that we don’t need at the moment representing the console crowd.

Julia dropped a huge amount of info about what’s going on for Xbox not even two days ago, in this situation I’m happy to take that spoonful and wait awhile longer to see what happens.

I know where you’re at, I want this release just as bad. It’s just at the point where we gotta be patient. If nothing happens in the next two weeks after this post, then I would say a request for an update would be appropriate.



Here is a quote by fatshark_tazar from the linked reddit post:
“Yup, it passed cert for xb1 almost instantly but sony had us go through a full cert process (usually around 5 days). I’m on vacation right now so I don’t have a full understanding of where we are but I don’t see why we would fail. I’ll be more up to speed on monday”

You may not like the OP or how they post but that doesn’t mean they are wrong.

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@Flinlock speaks for me as well.

Moreover, he worded his comment well. He didn’t say that you were the problem, he said that your actions were the problem. Improve your actions and our vision of you as a person will also improve.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but Fatshark has never waited on one console to update the other. The patches always rolled out on different days. You can just look at the patch notes here on the forums.

Either way, it’s not coming out any faster then they are ready to release it. They said it will be released soon™, you’ll just have to wait. But my god, I hope it’s really soon. You’re starting to drive me crazy with all these repetitive threads. Put it this way, in 2 weeks you’ve created more than half as many threads as I have in a year. And that’s just one of your accounts, the other ones that got banned had a ton of threads as well.


Hey, I didn’t say OP was wrong, I just said I don’t recall Fatshark making this statement.

I didn’t see this post in the linked Reddit thread, as the link itself links to another post in the thread about load times.

Anyone know if we have an update on the console patch?

Found earlier today on Reddit, by fatshark_tazar:

We’re working on it as fast as we can. Both MS and SONY are upgrading their systems at the same time causing a bunch of issues. We will have more info on the XB1 version hopefully by the end of the day but unfortunately we don’t have an ETA for PS4 as of yet

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They did this with the last dlc. They held the Xbox version for the ps4 release FACT. You think it was a coincidence they came out the same day. The dev lies. How many times have I seen " update next week" or “early 2019 for holiday event”. I don’t see how anyone can defend them unless u r a tool. OP most people that cared on console have moved on. There were so many threads about this because people cared and loved the game. There is just no good communication or no communication u can believe. This game should have been a steam exclusive or came out to console in 2020. They don’t have the resources. They have the money tho. Can u imagine how long it will be before we even HEAR about the summer dlc on console? Let alone get it.


True True
Look how long it takes them to release an update on consoles, all i hear is “next week…” So you can imagine that the upcoming DLC “Winds of Magic” (if its comes to console at all) it would be released around winter 2020

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