Fatshark cosmetic item logic is utterly incomprehensible

  1. Why would you add a witch hunter cosmetic that is identical to the original one except it has a roll of paper on it, instead of introducing this hat we see in the old icon that is already in the game (as seen in prologue):

  1. Why would you add a cosmetic for foot knight that is identical to the default mediocre one too but with a few extra details, and NOT add this awesome helmet that we even see in the trailer:

  1. What was the thought process that went into this:

  1. Why is handmaidens helmet different color from her clothing (the same applies to the ironbreaker helmet):

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few very good cosmetics too but these mistakes make me wonder if there is anyone qualified in charge of them anymore or did they leave after the main game was finished (the default skins are very solid).


I would go even further and say that every hat should update the players frame to match that hat/head.


why is the droprate roughly 1.1%?


Logic? What logic?

Droprate and proof.


Well you know OG Bardin has a fully developed male- (dwarf-) pattern baldness? You don’t do a mohawk with that… instead you improvise.

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