Fat shark , think you need to do BOTH

it is a great patch im sure , it seems to look prettier? im sure its quality and it took a lot of work and i think its great. but you really cant just focus on bugs. there is a youtube channel called no clip and they did a very interesting set of interviews with the warframe guys and theres a bit in this one

Where the voice of her lotus herself lays it out , they have to do both , they need to patch and fix but they also have to push content, its been almost 3 months? since the start of the betas. you need to work in some actual balance work and get some of the careers balanced. you need to get the bounty board and crafting solutions out you need… it goes on.

downloaded the patch played one game went full cheese Bounty hunter with crossbow got grouped with shade slayer and unchained , got 5X more special and elite kills than the entire rest of the team combined and not one chaos warrior got into melee range , got ranalds finger again , realised it was still the same and went to play something else


Because everyone knows that a dev team always works on one thing at a time. Every single person does the same thing for X number of days before moving on to the next thing. That’s exactly how game development works.

But then, you just came here to scream and moan because boo hoo I didn’t get a good box even though I’m a literal god please agree with me and venerate my ego. Good job getting me to waste my time typing this post though…


And during those 3 months they released a lot of content. A whole game even. Has Warframe released A WHOLE GAME in the last 3 months? I think not.

mic drop

PS: Sorry for low quality post, but I did not want stand out too much.

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Actually my point was how broken the range vs melee situation is i certainly didn’t mean to imply it takes any skill to play that build

I’d rather the game be at a state where it’s a joy to play in each and every scenario and THEN content comes in. Remember they said they were working on content, they even teased some on their newsletter, subscribe to it, watch their streams, etc.

And give it some time, I’d like to avoid them pushing more content out only to have to bugfix that AS WELL beyond any beta-testing that those patches may already involve for cleanliness and stability.

The content will come when it’s done, entertain yourself in the meantime, it’s good to see you’re enjoying the game enough to crave extra content - there’s nothing wrong with that either, but don’t burn yourself out on it :’)

Oh and right! If you’re still super eager for new content to come out faster however, I really urge you to vehemently participate in finding bugs and accurately reporting them on the bugs-forum so they can get those out of the way more efficiently and focus on what I’m sure they’d prefer focusing on as well - expanding the base game and fine-tuning balance some more.

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