Falchion & One Handed Sword

There was a thread about the falchion and one handed sword on the BETA Feedback category that has now been taken down, I’d like for the discussion to continue.

With the recent changes to these two weapons, who are in many was very similar, the falchion seems to be at a slight disadvantage, especially when compared to Saltzpyre’s other weapons, the rapier in particular. While I am no fan of the falchion, it right now only serves as a less efficient rapier both vs. hordes, armor and elites as it reaches higher damage values with its charged attack (though single target), and faster with its light cleaving attacks.

While I think its more important to keep Saltzpyre’s other weapons more in mind while looking at the falchion, sword is a very similar weapon even more so now after the launch of patch 1.3.

Patch 1.3 One Handed Sword & Falchion changes

Falchions for Saltzpyre

  • Decreased damage of light attacks by 4%.

  • Increased Infantry damage of third light attack by 33%.

  • Increased attack power of Heavy attacks by 10%. Increased stagger power by 14%.

  • Increased attack speed slightly.

1h Swords for Kruber & Sienna

  • Increased heavy attack damage versus Infantry, Monster and Frenzy by 51%.

  • Increased heavy attack damage versus armored increased by 283%…

  • Increased first two light attacks damage by 28%.

  • Increased stagger strength and duration for third light attack by 42%.

  • Changed push followup to heavier version - effectively increasing cleave, damage and stagger across the board.

  • Tuned movement curve for light combo finisher to provide a burst of speed.

  • Increased Stamina from 3 to 4 shields.

  • Increased range of light attacks slightly.

  • Increased light combo attack speed.

This was tested on BH and Huntsman /w a white 300 charm vs armored dummies.

1st Light Attack: 1000
1st Light Attack /w crit: 1375
1st Light Attack /w headshot: 1375 (Again, not sure what causes the variation. Insight welcome!)
1st Light Attack /w headshot&crit: 1975

3rd Light Attack: 1775
3rd Light Attack /w headshot: 2650
3rd Light Attack /w crit: 2650
3rd Light Attack /w headshot&crit: 3525

1st Light Attack: 1100
1st Light Attack /w crit: 2200
1st Light Attack /w headshot: 1975
1st Light Attack /w headshot&crit: 3850

3rd Light Attack: 1775
3rd Light Attack /crit: 2875
3rd Light Attack /w headshot: 2650
3rd Light Attack /w headshot&crit: 3975

1st Light Attack vs Armor /w headshot: 725
1st Light Attack vs Armor /w headshot&crit: 1925

3rd Light Attack vs Armor: 925
3rd Light Attack vs Armor /w Headshot: 1375

3rd Light Attack vs Armor /w crit: 1725
3rd Light Attack vs Armor /w headshot&crit: 2375

Charged Attack vs Armor: 775
Charged Attack vs Armor /w crit: 1550

One Handed Sword, ARMOR DAMAGE
1st Light Attack vs Armor /w headshot: 200
1st Light Attack vs Armor /w headshot&crit: 1000

3rd Light Attack vs Armor: 925
3rd Light Attack vs Armor /w headshot: 1375

3rd Light Attack vs Armor /w crit: 1600
3rd Light Attack vs Armor /w headshot&crit: 2150

Charged Attack vs Armor: 850
Charged Attack vs Armor /w crit: 1225

While the One Handed Sword and Falchion are very similar they have a some variations in damage numbers under the same and differing circumstances, in addition to different stamina values and the Falchion block responds slightly faster.

1H Sword Stamina: 4
Falchion Stamina: 2

Should the One Handed Sword and Flachion be more or less the same, or different?
Does comparing the Falchion more to Saltzpyre’s other weapons change your answer to the question above?
If so, do you think the Rapier and Falchion are too similar with the recent changes?

Creds to hob, this went over my head. Numbers edited.

I think they could un-nerf the falchion’s light armour damage and make it more of the sword/axe hybrid it used to be. Hurts armour like axe, but cleaves more like the sword and has a good headshot multiplier. This would put it back into the “does everything” meta that caused it to be nerfed in the first place, but I don’t think it matters anymore because every weapon has some sort of armour damage now.


I think if they dont want roll back old falchion(if i remember correctly, they nerf falchion’s AP ,flail’s AS and raipier’s pistol becuz of BH but BH is nerfed now)
Give falchion elven 1 hand sword chatged attack

falchion is decribed high dmg and high head shotbby fat shark but elven 1 hand sword charged attack is stronger than it and eaay to aim head than falchion

Looks like your 1h sword numbers are being changed by Huntsman’s tier 2 20% dmg after crit skill. You’ll need to run the numbers again with that skill off.

I agree with this,

It was an unnecessary Nerf in the first place given the Rapier’s ability to one shot SVs anyway. And the Rapier’s Charged strike is much faster, easier and cleaner to do than Falchion’s.

But this comes back to too many people who called for the Nerf being stuck in V1.

And not realizing V2 is a different ball of wax because it actually has Armor piercing weapons unlike V1. There are clearly those designed for Armor piercing and those that are not. But they nerfed falchion to require a charged shot to do any REAL armor damage. Which is really backwards and defeats the purpose.

Charged shots are supposed to be unnecessary if you’ve selected an AP weapon.
Those are for NON armor piercing weapons because requiring it on an AP weapon just to do armor damage makes the entire addition to V2 pointless.

Ergo the nerf was really backwards and ill thought out.

That said… there is one big difference between Kruber’s one handed sword and the Falchion.

The Falchion’s charged strike is an overhead, so better for single target headshots, Kruber’s one handed sword is a sideways cleave like the Two Handed Sword and provides better CC. So you do have to keep those things in mind with their usage.

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I find changing the falchions charged attack to a more “hacking” single target attack with armor piercing to be very appealing, though even that puts it in a similar spot to the rapier. However it would make it differ from the one handed sword, and perhaps could be reasoning for the falchion to have less stamina than a weapon that performs a very similar role as of right now.

It isn’t an overhead exactly, it does come at an angle and still offers cleaving/CC just as the one handed sword does, though perhaps to a lesser extent.

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