Extremely bugged session

This happened once twice now.
So we were playing Athel Yenlui, a friend of mine disconnects because his PC crashed because he was on an unstable overclock, nothing weird here.
So I set the match to private, so I can leave the slot open for my friend.

Someone started attempting to join, several times. I assume it’s the friend of the one random we had, and he kept failing to join because the match was private. Still nothing weird.
Now, my friend boots up the game and attempts to join but gets errors that he can’t join the match. He then quits the game and restarts, as usually restarting fixes connection issues like that.
When he restarts the game, he attempts to join again, and this time he gets infinite loading screens. He has to close the game and boot it up again, and every time he tries he again, he gets infinite loading screens.
I set the match to public in case that’s what’s causing the issue, and a random starts trying to join. By the sheer length of how long it took him from going “X is joining the game”, to “X has left the game.”, I assume he too, got an infinite loading screen.

Soon after, Sienna died and then never respawned. It happened at the second grim location, we had to finish the match while Sienna just never respawned at all.

Once the match was over, we got an infinite loading screen into the keep and I had to close the game.

Console logs.
Day 2 - Session 1.log (1.7 MB)

EDIT: It happened again just now, this time in Empire in Flames. Same thing, the same friend crashed, when he booted the game up again he had connection errors. While he was rebooting the game again, someone tried to join so I quickly put the game on private to save him the spot. After that, a bot died and never respawned again, my friend had a permanent loading screen when trying to join us, and when the match ended we had a permanent loading screen trying to get back to the keep. In both of these cases (session 1 and session 2), I set the game to public when I noticed something was wrong, and it didn’t help.
Console logs.
Day 2 - Session 2.log (851.3 KB)

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