Expose! Exclusive look into the Dark Secrets of Fatshark Apologists! Read now Before It's Too Late!

(This is a joke post read Editor’s Notes)

We have all seen them. Lurking in the dark. Polluting our righteous and ostensibly true crusade to annihilate Fatshark. It seems whenever beaten back to the shadows they return to pollute another thread. How is this possible? How do they return, withstanding scathing rebuttal after scathing rebuttal? Constantly falling beneath the infallible nature of our impervious logic, yet seeming to return twice as strong the next day? As the most intelligent, worldy, strong, sexy, beloved, cultured, and well known poster on these forums, I have decided to delve deeper into the nefarious truths of Fatshark’s darkest defenders.

On trial today are 3 of the most prolific, and I should say vile and outright DISGUSTING offenders.

Everyone has experienced their lies, so there is no need to post any of them. As I delved deep into forbidden scrolls and lost knowledge I came upon a most evil and startling of revelations:

^(literally me btw)

They are all either active or former MMO players.

I know this news will be shocking to some of you. Others may ask, “How we as a community allowed this to happen?” And I, the same as you, am shocked, disgusted, and offended that these…things…post among us.

Such a claim cannot be leveled without evidence, even if we all inherently know it to be true. So I have brought before the public the DAMNING, UNDENIABLE truth, so all may see what we have been harboring…



Mayson: image
(This is in addition to his obsession with DD 2, which is literally a single player mmo anyways!)

For those who may not have had the horrifying nature of these creatures revealed to you, I will do so now:

A Normal Person (A Fatshark Hater)


^A normal head, not pictured is the massive store of IQ points held within.


^This likeness was based off of yours truly, unfortunately they did not accurately portray the manly nature of my headset correctly. Not pictured is the massive amount of dms I get from hot gamer girls asking me how I hate Fatshark so perfectly.

Average Experience

A Mutant (Fatshark Apologist/MMO Enjoyer)

^Small brain, only capable of understanding basic 1 2 3 skill rotations and tab targeting and NOT our detailed and nuanced dialogues. However is extraordinarily loud. Curious!


^A horrid degradation of the human form. Posture is poor from being hunched over a computer screen. Big upper body and small legs as they never stand up. Massive fingers can only press the number keys on the keyboard which is all MMOs require. Mountain Dew is injected into their bloodstreams so they can continue gaming. All. Night. Long. Woman can detect and avoid them even through completely anonymous mediums.

Average Experience when not playing MMOs or being Incorrect Online



Suddenly, all is clear. Their campaigns to derail our hate threads and defend the undefendable all make sense. Now that the truth is revealed, we can finally reclaim these forums that are rightfully ours. Those who have stalked the shadows, making us fight amongst each other have been driven out into the light where their sentence shall be swift and brutal. Once more can these forums become a place of light and justice, where every thread is dedicated to removing Fatshark from “cushy Sweden” and how best to destroy their company, as is intended by God. Amen :pray:


Editor's Note

This is obviously a joke post, even if incredibly unfunny. Also it took way too long to make. Tunnfisk, Badwin, and Mayson are the 3 most prevalent “apologists” that are the most enjoyable to talk to. Obviously don’t harass them. I noticed that all 3 of them had played MMOs and because I don’t really like MMOs decided to make this post. I have no problems with MMOs as a gaming medium, I just don’t enjoy them.

Also big reason I made this stupid thread is that I’ve been replaying Divinity: Dragon Commander and one of the best features of the game is that the start of every turn, a “Newspaper” (tabloid) will pop up uncharitably discussing policy and personal decisions, battles won or lost, researches completed, and just random bs. A favorite from my current playthrough:

Long story short this is almost a “tribute” post in a weird way saying thanks for being fun to talk to about a silly internet game with silly developers. :heart:


Good god.

This is exquisite.





this is dumb, but he thinks there’s girls on reddit so i don’t think accusing them of acting that way on purpose will work.

But talkin seriously tho, nothing wrong with mmo as with genre. Modern day mmo’s are hated for the same problems as DT has - it become a work, back in the days it was like a journey. Never was a big mmo player, cause combat sucks in mmo, however i think it’s a peak gaming. If DT were a properly made mmo like Destiny in it’s glory form with quests, rewards, long raid-alike missions and fast strikes… oh well, whatever.


The memories… they are flooding my mind… The people I’ve known… The people I’ve lost…

Abby. And Fiona. Fio-… F… Fatshark? Fatshark is the best game developer on earth. I must write a positive review for all their games. Right now!

Regarding your editors note:


I feel reminded to Hitman Blood Money. That game had a marvellous presentation and would give you a news article after the end of each mission detailling your misdeeds and how the public perceived them.

If you had left behind witnesses, a phantom picture would appear. If you kept playing the game perfectly with no hiccups, the newspapers would instead go on about this series of accidents and suicide cases. Pretty cool really.

I miss game devs having unique ideas like that.


I’ll add it to the Editor’s notes but I don’t have a problem with MMOs. I just really don’t like them, and could never get into them.

If you count Destiny 2 as an MMO I did get super into it. However, like you said, it became a job, and I realized it was making me miserable. The first week I quit playing Destiny 2 I felt happier and more energetic. It’s possible it’s just because I was playing too much video games, but I do think it was at least in part due to D2s nature.


It’s so over for the apologists
Without the defence force fatshark will fall and they’ll continue doing nothing with darktide just what us haters wanted


I’ve been laid up in bed all day with a wicked fever, but this post cured me.


Cancel culture strikes again.


Bravo! I consider myself “cooked”. :smiling_face_with_tear: :pleading_face: :face_with_peeking_eye:

A+ for effort and result.


Modern games and studios are way too reliant on ‘working’ formulas. The era of soulful games with neat gimmicks has died with gaming’s rising popularity and financial exploitability.
I remember reading about gaming having surpassed movies in terms of gross revenue and thought to myself “well, fcck” years ago.


Playing through Red Faction: Guerrilla again and seeing the absolute scale of physics destruction going on, rendered accurately and in a believable way, on top of being satisfying and able to run on the karking Xbox 360, and then looking at THIS game where a slight amount of ragdolls causes my framerate to halve. What happened, man?


Same thing that happened to photography and filmmaking for example. The easier the tools get, the lower the barrier of entry becomes. The larger the pool of low skill users get, lowering the general average skill a user had to have to create the same result.

Devs back in the day managed to produce performance magic by thinking up amazing hacks to make the impossible work, because they were so restricted by both hardware and the tools.

Now you can literally make a game by watching UE5 or Unity tutorials on youtube, buy some premade assets, as well as copy paste some random c# scripts you barely have any understanding of.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again -

It’s important to be exposed to all points of view around a thing. The above honored are thus increasingly important to the conversation on these forums. They catch some flak, but that comes with the territory of their positions.

Keep it up, the lot of you.

About the MMO thing, and games becoming labor - these engagement mechanics have been in focus since the dawn of online gaming and have had their time to evolve within the gaming industry and thrive. Aside from the lower barrier to entry provided by more modern tech, which in itself is perhaps not the largest cause, the industry literally began hiring specialists from the casino industry years ago.

I also feal that the conversation we often have don’t really have a set “Battlefield”. The contention for DT often starts as a personal take on a largely objective scale, and then devolves into "well I myself don’t!"s, the cultural significance of the game, how it relates to the rest of the industry, the game’s potential and promises, some realistic and some a pure fabrication (on both sides). Then there’s the conversation surrounding FS, which is even less poignant, since the information we have to go on is 99% speculation and 1% Glassdoor reviews…


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