I think fatshark got lost with all the bug fixes and patches

It’s simply outta their hands

Yeah, no offence, but why are you still here?

Also - I’m more than doubtless about them coming back from being semi-dead. They have to, in fact.

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Thanks for this detailed feedback once again! You must be a really cool guy.


While the OP tends to yell whatever happens to blaze across his forebrain, I tend to agree that I think fatshark are completely overwhelmed and are currently so far out of their depth you can’t even see the bubbles… . To the point I’m not sure even they know what’s happening next, or when it’s likely to happen… . The article in PC gamer said that lohners emporium will release ‘later this week’… Possible and plausible?

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Cause I feel like it . Why are you still here?

Thanks man , preciate that but I ain’t that typa a dude that writes a book long feedback

Yo what forebrain ? You must be corny asf

Amazing. Usually I can tell whether or not somebody is just trolling, or whether the inanity is real. But with this guy, I just can’t really. I’m inclining towards trolling though. But he’s too amusing to ban.

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The only reason.


Its been nearly a day and no feedback offered, locking this one up.