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I wrote a few times in the past few months that for vermintide 2 you should make a ptr for testing patches. I welcome the experimental thing, but there is a flaw in this:

Can you check internally that:

  • how many players tested the 2.0.15?
  • how many stayed in the experimental for the whole duration?
  • how many just downloaded the 1.2 gb, tried and went back to live version?
  • who posted bugs during the exp how many hours spent on playin in exp, how many times they went back from live to exp?

My point is: if you want to participate you need to download the beta which will patch the live version. If you vant to play the live, you need to patch back to live meaning the 1.2gb download went to waste. If you stopped playing with friends and want to test again, you need to download again. So many waiting (not all have gigabit net), “I have time for a game or two. - ok, going, just need to patch back”, version mismatch, etc.

I suggested a ptr, what players patch separately. In the launcher there could be a “PTR” checkbox like the official and modded realm right now. You just need to restarted the game, not redownload whole patches. See blizzard games. You can decide in the battle.net app what realm do you want to play, and the laucher will get you there. No additional wait/ downloads between swiching realms

People who have mobile providers often have limited data, meaning if you reach the 100/50 gb, your speed will be reduced until you buy more data (if you can buy at all).

Think about this, more people could test if it’s just “cost” a restart instead a whole redownload.


This is a good idea. Especially if you want to quickly compare the differences between builds.

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I would like this, I’m one of those with slow internet now so once I switch to experimental branch… I stay on it xD

this would be an ideal solution
would it be implemented I highly doubt it

this is what i’m afraid of. nowadays game designer wants sound for rattling and flame, what noone needed. then they get rid of that new “feature” in 2 patches later. but a thing what would make testing waaay more simple, like a choosable ptr on the launcher what is separated from live, like modded is… no. this is not needed.

I dont know what FS expect. guys using mobile ISPs with a specific amount of data wont download 1ish gb patches twice a day, because they need the data to play the game without any slowed donw experience, very high pings and for other purposes, like it’s not just vermintide what we play.

I hope the dev team will implement things what other, much more bigger companies implemented yet and they have high numbers on players who test. its not a shame to have similar things like others. people hate waiting, people hate wasting stuff. with this experimental thing we saw it is a complete waste of data for mobile internet users and waste of time for waiting patch-unpatch-repatch.

i wouldn’t say it was wasted, they definitely corrected some stuff that was sorted out already.
Then brought back some existing issues which isn’t all that terrible to deal with.

I agree though, they should just have a standalone tester section.
Any additions that everyone feels like it should be in the main relm, should be able to swap the code in and out quicker than what is currently implemented.

They were stuck behind a deadline but were able to fix a few things and it brought back some people and also brought in some new players. which is always a good start. Now they just need to keep this pace up. Honestly, they need to have some clear set dates on releasing some new content.

Like where is PVP, extra maps, weapon shop for cosmetics, wish it was also for ingame weapons but thats whole other pipe dream. It’s the end of November and no news on that.

It will also be interesting how you will earn shillings/money in the game once they roll that update out.

It just boggles my mind how epic this game could be if these little things got tweaked and balanced

but they went and designed weaves, its cool and maybe that is how the game should of looked liked from the start. This game changed to much after WoM which kinda sucks. I’ll still enjoy, just wished they didn’t make some/half the changes to a few things.

Im not 100% sure if a seperate beta client is easy to implement onto steam once the game was released with only 1 steam entry if you know what i mean. If i play early access games on steam , some are “released” onto steam libary with one enty meaning you have to pick different vetsions via the betas tab. Other games released with PTR entrys along the normal version making it 2 entrys in steam libary. I never saw a game getting another entry after initial release so im not sure how much of a problem that actually is. But i would appreciate a beta client letting me switch versions (also for some quick comparsion ) on the fly.

That said when beta 2.0.15 was released for testing , i switched over and never went back to live. I had friends playing this version and also found players for quickplay in a okay-ish amount of time.

They have used stand alone clients before, such as the WoM beta and others. I’ve been in at least 2.


im a big fan of this suggestion. ive switched between beta and live atleast 4 times to play with friends. choosing a realm through the launcher should be extended to the test region as well

ah yeah i see. But when you download ~ lets say “Vermintide 2 Closed Testserver” , is it a full client/version of the game , taking up like 70 gigabytes on your hard drive ? Because i think it would hinder Betatesting if you end up with a big Filesize for the Test Server. Patch 2.0.15 had like 1.4gigs if i remember correctly.

yes, it’s a whole new client. Mind you, WoM was completely remastered. So you’d have to redownload regardless.

Yeah but WoM was something big (no matter how you judge the content). And i thought this topic was more about getting people to test out new and upcoming patches for the game. Content , that is provided far more frequently. Having an extra client on your drive would work , since they could keep that up to date aswell but it comes with the cost of having another full installation of that same game on your disk. And i think that would hinder players to participate in beta testing for patches.

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