Testing betas - suggestion

Dear @Fatshark_Hedge and @FatsharkJulia,

Can you ask the developer team that are they planning to rethink the public beta testing?

They, you should think again that with each betas what you release for public test and by this way how it works now is illogical and painful. You must download the beta patch for live which becomes beta and you need to repatch it back to live again.

With a new line on the launcher after the modded what would say: “Public test realm” would be much, much easier, user friendly to test, there will be no need for downloading gigabites many times a day if you want to test and play with your friends as well who don’t play in the betas for some reason. On the other hand patching back and forth is a waste of time if there are other possibilities like I suggested. If the game has modded realm why cannot it have a public test realm as well what would need to be patched independently from live and you can switch to PTR from live and backwards in a second.


The modded realm uses the same build as the official realm, just requires different boot up processes (such as EAC). Having a beta along side the live game would require double the storage space, which of course is an option for some folks but definitely not for everyone. There are ways to have both downloaded for those who wish to switch in and out without the downloads, but it requires some trickery that can be googled :slight_smile: