Suggestion: Have a Steam Beta for the game before making big balance changes

With the 40% power reduction fix soon on the way, it’s going to change things a lot. I myself am not looking forward to it as i feel the game isn’t ready for yet such another huge hero nerf. I think it would be wise for them to open a beta branch of the game on Steam before such changes go live.

This allows more time to gather user feedback before such huge changes. To get users to try/play a more difficult beta version of the game, they could buff ranald’s gift at the end of matches in the beta. Some small incentive to get users to play it and give feedback.

Biggest issue is that managing 2 branches of the game can be even more time consuming for a very busy team.

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Most games that I play had a public test server. This would be a great idea if they can facilitate it. Worked well for community feedback in BF, D3, and RB6S. Problem is then they would have to go through feedback from two different places actual game and test server. If they have a small dev team this could be problematic. At this point the game isn’t even working as intended so I think the test server should come after FS fixes the core mechanics and addresses all the other issues first.

I do agree a test server would be nice.