Experiences of an old new player

My friend will ONLY play with the lame easy mode OP classes/builds. He only plays IB with drakefires, BH with Volley Crossbow, Sienna with Beam Staff, etc.

He has never played Foot Knight, Slayer, Unchained, Handmaiden or Zealot.

On Kerilllian he only uses WS…wait for it…

…with Glaive.

That’s enough proof for me that the Glaive is OP.

Funnily enough, the meta seems to be shifting to dual sword/sword&dagger on shade now. Not only can you still kill CW, you can also spend a lot of time in stealth, kill a lot of enemies on hit, then after a few seconds of hitting the horde, go back into stealth again. It is OP atm and will probably get nerfed slightly. But guess what, you can still stick with your HM/glaive.

Sure, you can feel whatever you want about your choice of weapons. I’m just saying that there are other builds and other weapons that can outperform whatever you think should be the only choice. If you choose to stick to whatever you want, so be it. If you want to get better, learn to use the other weapons and see how it can possibly combo with other actives/passives/talents and watch how other people use them.

that’s ok if you feel the glaive is OP, it’s pretty good but too slow for shade playstyles. for me the SnD outperforms all other weapons on the shade due to it’s ability to get back ult in under 10 seconds when continuously smacking things up, along with the ability to kill 2 stormvermin/berserkers/maulers/ (chaos warriors if they’re wounded in legend) in one heavy strike (glaive cannot do that)

also, i find it very hard to single out and kill a chaos warrior in a whole swarm with the glaive, i have to ‘air’ the first heavy glaive attack first and this normally will connect with mobs that are surrounding the chaos warrior and you will lose the stealth. when you have a purple pot and your team has aggroed a patrol, wiping out all the chaos warriors or 80% of the stormvermin - i feel this is hard or not possible to do quickly with the glaive.

the glaive also cannot retrieve 2x arrows from a single heavy strike on single targets (unless you use it on multiple mobs), this is extremely important for me to keep my ammo topped up so i can kill specials quickly - but i’m sure many people are not abusing it like i do (i can potentially generate +2 bolts or more on any mob, that’s good ammo to spam) especially when boss killing is SO important in legend, i need to maintain close to full ammo for max dps.

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