Excited for E3?

Just curious if or what people are looking forward to at E3? :slight_smile: I’m not sure, has there been news if Fatshark is gonna have anything there?

I’m really looking forward to seeing the new Borderlands 3 gameplay with Moze, and also hoping to they’ll announce the next Smash Ultimate DLC character.

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I’ve bought 2 games in the last 3 years. Total War Warhammer and Vermintide. I use to get nearly every game that came out, still got over 60 xbox original games I haven’t even taken out of their package, then all my 360 games. That’s not counting the 120 something games on steam, maybe played a quarter of them. I tend to find one game I really like and stick with it for years, lol.

So, I have no idea what’s coming out this E3. I’ve mostly been disappointed with E3 for the last couple years anyway. They always show off these amazing trailers and gameplay, then the game is released and it’s nothing alike, ie Watchdogs, The Division, etc

I’ve heard a lot of hype around borderlands. I only finished the first one. I guess I’ll be interested to see if they show anything new about the next Elder Scrolls game.

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The incredibly lackluster releases that the gaming industry have put out the past few years have made me extremely wary about getting hyped for new games. Somehow, even though my expectations couldn’t have been placed lower, I still manage to get disappointed every time E3 comes around. E3 makes for better cringe compilations than they do game releases.

Borderlands 3, though unrelated to E3 as a whole, is only proof of the downward spiral that the gaming industry is going down, and has earned my eternal ire for shelling out to Epic Games as an EGS-exclusive that won’t release on Steam until 6 months later.

Exclusivity makes absolutely no sense, especially according to the reasons Gearbox officials have put out. They claim that EGS is where the audience is, despite Borderlands games having been previously released solely on Steam. However, rather than release the game on both stores, thus benefiting from both audiences at the same time, they just give their fans on Steam the middle finger and takes Epic Games’ bait.

I realize Gearbox is not the ones at fault and that 2k are the ones that control publishing, but the recent controversies surrounding Randy Pitchford (whom also openly support EGS) only make this whole thing that much worse.

There’s not even any reason to buy the game, as Epic Games have already given millions to secure this exclusivity deal beforehand.

All this scummy, corporate frickery where shareholders and investors are priced higher than the consumer really tides my vermin.

Capitalism did this.

Wake up sheeple.


I get why people are upset about the BL3 thing, though I don’t think it will affect the quality of the game - even if one waits to get it on Steam six years from now when it goes on sale for $9.99 or something, well - it is enjoyable to see the new stuff, at least. As far as things to be outraged about, though, it’s not up there for me. One can buy it on Green Man Gaming if they’re just worried about Epic’s awful security (again, totally valid concern there).

I’ve definitely been uninterested in the last few years of E3 - didn’t even pay attention last year. I think new content for existing stuff is my main thing, though now that I actually looked up what’s going to be there, Doom Eternal will probably have a cool trailer, too (though, does anyone else feel like “Eternal Doom” would have been a better title?).

EDIT: On checking, Fatshark is going to be there! Maybe we’ll finally SEE some Beastmen in action!


@LordRhinark Yeah ,Randy Pitchford is a sh*tshow, no one denies that, and 2k is as greedy as others, but you should never forget the developers who actually made the game. Those who get overruled with no possibility to change anything, but who work their asses off, sometimes crunch for months without pause. I really pity americans and their general view on labor unions (and the actions of those). There is none for game developers, and i remember what was going on with the voice actors union. When we germans talk about stuff like this and say that the state, unions and corporations work tightly together (with their differences, sure) we get called communists… But it works.

Ah, sry to talk about politics, back to the topic!
I am quite excited about the xbox/microsoft presentation, they bought so many studios and no word came out since, also Cyberpunk will most likely be at their stage, news on that would be welcome.


I still wonder what could possibly For Honor show us, considering Ubi said it was one of their main 3 games for this E3.
And since Soul Calibur 6 came out I’m waiting for a Switch port announcement, soooo basically any conference I’m hyped for it xD (Pretty sure it won’t happen but eh, a man can hope)

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I’m eager to see the new gameplay footage from Cyberpunk. And I’m not sure if there’s going to be some new material for Ghost Reacon Breakpoint, but I’d love to see that as well.
So yeah, pretty much just Cyberpunk and Ghost Reacon.


I’m only excited for new Crowbcat video about e3 bs :smiley:

During last twitch stream FS hinted some new stuff (I believe it’s gameplay video) will be showcased in PC gamer segment on 10.06.

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I’m cynically looking forward to… (without really admitting I’m bothered and possibly resentful about Fallout 4 and Fallout 76) … some teaser stuff for TES VI.


Mother fu*king Keanu Reeves :grinning::grinning::grinning:
Well I wasn’t expecting that lol


While I’m excited about cyberpunk and the beastmen, I always enjoy watching the world burn with the boys.


So long as they don’t announce that they’re moving over to Epic Games store exclusively or any other Tencent influenced decisions I’m moderately anticipating what it could be.


Doom Eternal looks pretty damn awesome. Given that Doom 2016 was also good, I’m pretty excited. I just hope my computer can run the damn thing.


Holy Mother Vermintide Versus. That Was unexpected.


Yep, it sure was! It’s an idea I never really thought would happen, tbh.

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