Cross platform

I know this has been mentioned before but with Steam numbers dropping fairly steadily(to be expected to some degree of course). I really wanted to reiterate that cross platform with Xbox would be fantastic. I can only hope you guys are taking this into serious consideration.

I was completely new to the Vermintide and came very close to not to getting this game because I simply didn’t know much about it. I wanted a Left4Dead game and I first thought the game to be all melee.(I love the melee in this game now).

I love the game of course and I’m so glad I made the purchase in hindsight. So I fully expect this game to explode once it drops to $14.99 when people try it for the first time in great numbers. Hopefully a lot of the issues are ironed out by then so people hang around.

I am a huge advocate of cross platform gaming. When it doesn’t put one playerbase at a disadvantage it can really be fantastic. Rocket League comes to mind but there are many examples.

I truly believe the future is all cross platform.

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