Everything's so blurry and bright in Into the Nest

Hi! I recently played around with the graphics settings a bit and reduced almost everything to low due to performance. Everything seemed great, but when I wanted to play the Into the Nest map today, everything there was too bright and blurred. Restarting the game did not help. Other maps, weaves and CW are ok. Screenshots are made with the gamma at the lowest setting.

Edit: I found out what it is: Shadows. Lower setting for shadows is brighter underground areas are. No shadows = brutal light. Strangly it is not true for every underground areas but for whole Into the Nest map, end of Righteous Stand and some other places.

That’s what gamma does. It’s a brightness slider, with no influence on performance.

Yeah, I know that. Usually I play with gamma slider on 2.4, this is on 1.5 which is minimum and it is still brighter than my normal gameplay, also it is strange blurred, my normal gameplay looks sharp and good. And that is only in Into the Nest, every other map looks normal.

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Oh right my bad, I thought it was the other way around.

Maybe try “local light shadow quality”.

I have all the shadows completely off and I don’t want to turn them on. I’d rather not play my favorite map for a while… :smiley:

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