Error Code 2001 in 2024

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Error Code 2001: Disconnected from Server/Server Not Found- Making the Online-only experience of Darktide completely unplayable.

Present in Modded and Unmodded instances of the game, with and without the November 2023 fix (Portrait Disabled in Interface Settings).

Unknown why this issue has returned to plague at least me once again, as this was the issue that caused me to take an extended break from the game near it’s full release. It was not an issue 2 days ago, on 1-3-24, although my friends and I were experiencing the occasional memory-based crash at that time. (Unrelated issue, and we had excessive hard drive space and Ram available where a memory crash is very odd).

Now 2 days later, I can’t even boot into a mission for some reason.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

Steps to Reproduce Error:
1: Boot up the game, attempting to play something you have paid for.
2: The Error will occur naturally, without input, once you have loaded into the main hub, either before you make it to the mission board, mid-loading screen, or before the first enemy is even encountered in a mission.

[PC] Do You Use Mods? (Optional):

Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam

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Having the same issue. Seemed to happen at certain times of the day which implies some server load or isp issue. On the isp side speed tests show that everything is normal, no low speeds, high ping, jitter or packet loss or whatever. Quickplay or choosing a mission doesn’t seem to matter.

Are your buddies experiencing the same error, and are they playing in the same region as you?

It happens to them less consistently, and we are all in NA, though various timezones. I’m out of Montana, or Mountain Time, and I definitely seem to catch the worst of it.

I can’t que for a single mission or often load into the hub for more than a minute or two, without mods letting me skip straight into the Meat Grinder or access shop inventories from the character select screen, and disabling the mods doesn’t seem to change the error, both in consistency or time it takes to appear
*amendment, I have also disabled the player portrait in the interface, as I saw that was a voted fix for this back a few months, and that also has not aided at all. Considering the nature of the issue, I doubt its a hardware concern but:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7
Ram: 32 Gb (2x16)
GPU Nvidia 2070 TI
Plenty of space on the D; drive where Darktide is installed, nearly 300 gigs free of the 1TB SSD

I’m not having any issues with any other server based games (Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World/Rise online co-op, Payday 3, as examples) or any webpages or something akin, so I would assume it’s not an internet issue, either;


This is (edit: still) on my radar and I’m looking for patterns in recent reports. Would you be able to upload your most recent console logs here, please?:

console-2024-01-05-17.16.39-a59a60d2-ff2b-4054-a559-9d6fa5d3728d.log (803.6 KB)

console-2024-01-05-18.26.48-a8266332-0138-4ef2-92ab-346b4b197426.log (440.3 KB)

console-2024-01-05-18.33.24-6c946a2b-f5c1-4c50-8f43-0d6cc603feb8.log (383.0 KB)

console-2024-01-05-18.37.09-f0905ec5-5098-40f1-9e50-b8773ea98637.log (98.2 KB)

console-2024-01-05-18.40.58-34ff5ab2-fbaf-462c-8c5e-2d040adfa2ad.log (21.4 KB)

console-2024-01-05-18.42.07-170a80a9-6aab-4eca-99d7-f0849413a3bc.log (226.7 KB)

console-2024-01-05-18.49.00-0df3d5fe-ef75-4c80-8825-b3311e2ac7cc.log (127.2 KB)

console-2024-01-05-18.51.41-7e4dcf56-dbcb-4e4f-a9f9-f1f1455a1189.log (225.5 KB)

Those are the 8 logs from before I posted the error here,

console-2024-01-08-18.15.30-8123e896-1213-43fa-bde3-dabcc125b269.log (203.0 KB)

This is the only log I have since, where I encountered an infinite loading screen and had to Alt-f4, if I remember correctly

There is a lot of mod spam here, could you try playing with them disabled and upload the mod-less logs here, please? :slight_smile:

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