Error 2001, issues with servers

Issue Type (Required):

Error - 2001

Issue Description (Required):

Getting error 2001 and issues to connection while playing such as players teleporting, enemies teleporting or even myself teleporting. Sometimes attacks, movements that i do are not registered.

Wifi speed is about 125mb/s on downloads. latency 3ms. upload speed 70mb/s
PC specifications
4050 GPU with the newest gpu drivers
i5 12450

I have verifed game files and did not find anything. I have not reinstalled the game. The router has been restarted.

[PC] Do You Use Mods? (Optional):

No, I don’t use mods

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Common (<50%)

Platform (Required):

Steam (PC)

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I am aware of recent reports concerning this error and I’m looking for any patterns in the reports being raised. Could you let me know which region you’re playing from please?

Europe - sweden.

getting the same issue. im in the US - Mississippi. kicking me 1 minute into every match and im using cspire fiber.

Thank you. Please could you both upload some of your recent console logs for us?:

console-2024-01-10-14.02.53-dc5031ac-5b77-43e7-bd3b-b94a68a49b31.log (541.9 KB)
console-2024-01-10-14.36.28-e32dbf78-19dc-454a-997d-c71d3face94b.log (20.5 KB)
console-2024-01-10-14.37.29-b98bca9a-0b88-46c2-82c3-f4731bd9a353.log (20.5 KB)
console-2024-01-10-14.42.51-b44e9fef-5b91-4f78-b5c4-2ef8f6080287.log (20.6 KB)
console-2024-01-10-14.45.05-971aff10-3d3b-4840-95f8-240d6177555d.log (300.6 KB)

Im pretty sure i switched network between some of the error logs from internet to mobile hotspot to discern if it was an internet issue.

This may well be completely unrelated but I can see the Intel(R) UHD Graphics is set as your primary GPU which is a problem! Please run through the solutions listed here: