Entrance to Coliseum on New Map is Too Easy to Defend

Enemies only come from one direction and very seldom hop down from the sides, which is mostly toward the front of where everyone defends.

It’s annoying when teams only want to defend here because it’s easy. A fix would be nice. Maybe hallways over the sides where people enter to fill the stands, allowing enemies to funnel and hop down around the players in certain defensible areas?

There is an entire space toward the back that isn’t locked down, which can be filled with spawn doors to allow more Specialists to spawn there instead of relying on LOS, which players knowingly abuse as well.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with defending here. If players choose to do so, however, there should be repercussions to defending there.

Finales need to be a lot more bombastic and intense. Enemies need to be coming from all sides, and require the team to work together to cover as many angles as possible. Many finales manage to do this well for the most part, especially within the myriad of objectives needing to be accomplished amid hordes, but right now this one is another killbox finale where you just have to wait for enemies to stop spawning. This is fine, but vigilance should be given to how the map is designed to make this engaging.


Since the enemy is given an incredible advantage by the environement (multiple levels, cover that works only for them, open spaces to shoot you from incredible distance, fences and meshes they can shoot through but you can’t) you cannot tell people they should’t take advantage of the only safe place in the arena.

Even if they were to close it off there are 2 other places that work exactly the same that cannot be removed simply because they are integral part of the fight.


You don’t wanna try to get between a karker and his plasteel.


You know in the old westerns, when they’d circle the wagons and fire outwards…?

Well, we’ve got the wagons. It just feels like you should have to fight facing outwards. Obviously ridiculously hard if enemies can shoot down at you, but when I saw this end game point those old westerns came to mind.


I can. I’m not going to bring down the team for choosing to do so, hence why I think it’s better to bring it up here. The game is designed to present unfair advantages on the enemy side that you have to solve. It would be different if the game was a lot slower and methodical (a tactical shooter, perhaps), but it’s not. You meet immovable object with unstoppable force. If that fails, you better hope you have a good support player on your team!

This would be solved by my suggestion of rafter/funnel hallways that surround the entire premises. If players choose to be in any one spot, enemies always have the opportunity to surround the players and fall down on top of them. The coliseum is already designed that way for the most part, but needs a little more verticality for the enemies to take advantage of.

I shouldn’t be bored by an event because I can stand in one spot and shoot in one direction for 3 or 5 minutes.


…and staying at the entrance is a solution. You don’t like it, yet it is.
The same goes for staying at the exit during the 3 waves at the end of the map where you restart the reactor, or any other strategy that takes advantage of the environment to fight.

As I said, if they were to close off the entrance the gates are the second best spot, you can also close one of them off to lower the amount of enemies.

MORE? FFS play auric with your friends and stay in the middle of the arena as much as you like.

I shouldn’t be forced to play the way you like because you are “bored”.
I already have to save the lives of my party multiple times while staying at the entrance, I don’t need more work.


I’m not here to entertain personal grievances with how other people play in a co-op game.

I already said I had no problem with the team choosing to do so in the moment. It’s why I didn’t yell at them to play with their friends and abuse the game with them, and instead came here to give feedback.

Sorry you don’t agree with me. I don’t think finales and events should be easy to abuse. This is an obvious oversight in the map design, and I hope they continue to address very easy to defend spots more as the game goes along.

And your examples aren’t quite the same, as the repair mission’s finale difficulty is mostly in transporting power cells amid waves of enemies.


No, you decide to come here to tell the devs they should not be allowed to have the choice.


Yeah, they should put some gates there or something. This arena could be a realy pleasant challenge without gimmicks and abuses.

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How typing at the forum will remove a freedom of choice from someone? Not like he put a gun at them.


I don’t agree with this, and I think this response especially rises to a level of hostility that just wasn’t present in this checks forum Gameplay Feedback post. It’s good feedback too, even if I’ll be sad losing my hard-fought plasteel in this event!

But seriously, the game needs more RAM THE MANPARTS and less snoozy endings to maps.


He’s literally advocatig to remove the choice from the game…

No, not really.

As I stated already, the entrance is the most popular spot currently.
Removing it would just make one of the gate the next popular spot because they works similarly if not even better than the entrance.

Player will always look for the most efficient way to do things.


Advocating for something doesn’t mean devs are forced to implement it. Devs got their metrics about things, like final event winrate.

It’s the same problem with Smelter Complex it’s just time consuming. They kinda improve it on Enclave Baross a bit, but not rly, most mobs are still coming from the far side.



On topic, I’m undecided. By this stage you’ve fought through the enemy stronghold for about 30 minutes real time. You’ve cracked the arena which is mostly unguarded and caught the enemy out.

Feels like there should be an option to hole up as they realise what’s happened and try flooding the place.

“Manning the Ramparts” is I guess another ending game style. I think back to the Rock stage ending in l4d2 and think that could be a good template ; stage being a good vantage point but not so obvious a funnel.


I remember enjoying that event!

To clarify, I was referencing a silly nickname for my FAVORITE level of all time (right behind Wizard’s Tower): Man The Ramparts from VT1 that had a Hab Dreyko-style ending where you have to rush through hordes to exit. Very tense, very fun ending for a level.

Like Hab, there is something about the spawns during that wild end sequence that is more exciting than punishing. Maybe that’s down to pretty fixed spawns? Not too sure, but there’s a magic trick in there somewhere.

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At the risk of making this a DT bromance thread :wink: ; love the idea of the hard exit, as it were. L4D2 really did those well.

But I’m also acutely conscious of the reward/effort ; DT missions are long. Very long. IMHO too long. You’ve fought through 30 minutes of game play, often more on higher levels, and there’s no pause button, no breaks or reloads.

For a long, hard mission the end game bit shouldn’t be that much harder or else you’re just wasting hours on those last minute wipes. I’d love a hard ending, so long as it’s like 5 minutes of frantic action after just 15-20 minutes of run-through.

Please FatShark; can you create a shorter mission with a high risk ending? VT2 had the bell mission, albeit with a notsohard ending. That was so popular… though I acknowledge for chest / gear grinding purposes rather than anything else.

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Yes, I wouldn’t mind better cover in the middle in exchange for nerfing the portcullis and entrance hold spots. It would be a lot more cinematic.


Man the Ramparts was a glorious mission, though I ended up playing it too often because it was short and that meant decent rewards per hour.

After a 25+ minute carnival mission, which the team frequently ends low on ammunition, if I was forced to fight in a large, open, multi-level space with little cover and plenty of ranged enemies, I’d probably just quit the moment I saw the map loading.

I wouldn’t actually mind an extra door down there - though I’m not sure it makes a difference, I frequently see specials just spawn there from thin air.


I’m doing it now because of how much this map is being used.

Goddamn I want to play a variety of missions, the Carnival has become my most hated map in a manner of days just because of how it’s being forced on us.

This event is gonna get a drop down and two plauegryns added to it, I hope bet.