Entrance to Coliseum on New Map is Too Easy to Defend

I think there is an easy fix without taking the area away entirely. You could remove the railings above the right and left sections to give shooters an option to shoot you as well as specials more avenues for attack and you could also add a secondary back area for hordes.

Even then it would be nice if the center had more clutter for more viable defensive options, this is supposed to be a major supply point after all.

The tools do exist to make you move (grenades, mutants, flamers, etc) the director just needs to be trained to use them better.

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A finale doesn’t have to be so difficult that it causes constant wiping. It just needs to be balanced in a way where you aren’t standing in one spot for 5 minutes.

The whole point of the game is teamwork. VT2 had a lot of finales and map events where you had to really spread out your team correctly and work together to hold hordes back. In Darktide, when we’re dealing with holdout finales in particular, we’re usually dealing with situations where we don’t have to look behind us because there are abusable locations in the arenas.

I can think of a few event spots where this is true in VT2 as well, but VT2 takes advantage of spawning a lot of Elites and other enemies in the mix to make sure you’re paying attention—something I wish Darktide was doing more inside of events, and not just walking into a pack of 16 Ragers in the wild.

Aegis Station finale was fixed because now hordes of shooters and Gunners, Specialists, etc. can climb over the walls on the far sides and flood the upper levels, on top of manholes that ensure hordes can get closer to the players.

I want to be clear that I’m not advocating for a rebalance of the event where you have to stand in the exact center of the ampitheatre and get gunned down. I’m advocating for something that redirects players from one spot to another.


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