Enfeebling Flames clarification?

Burning enemies deal 30.0% less damage.

a) enemies sienna burns deal 30% less to sienna?
b) enemies sienna burns deal 30% less to anybody?
c) enemies anybody burns deal 30% less to sienna?
d) enemies anybody burns deal 30% less to anybody?

Does anybody know which one it is?

At very least I’m fairly certain the damage reduction works for the whole party. Couldn’t tell you if Sienna has to be the one to inflict the dot.

@Adelion do you have an answer to that?

I thought it was B

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it’s B.

it’s a debuff applied to enemies Sienna burns causing those enemies to deal 30% less damage to anyone.


From the description of the talent it is b). And also how it works in games because everything else wouldn’t make much sense.

Fire related talents don’t influence across different characters. Otherwise Battle Wizard could completely break Drakefire weapons or similar. Usually talent effects are always just for the talent owner. If it works otherwise it is usally mentioned in the description like seen for Witch Hunt for example.

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D. Burning enemies deal 30% less damage, doesn’t matter who ignites them.

See that matches the talent description most logically. However you are in the minority in saying that, so could you clarify where you’re getting that info?

Just quickly tested it.
Famished & Lingering work as you expect; an augment just for Sienna.

Chain Reaction: Anybody can ignite, but Sienna has to get the killing blow for “explosions”.
I assume Fire’s from Ash works the exact same way.


I would be very surprised by this. I mean we know that talent descriptions in this game are … not exactly consistent but it would go against every other Sienna fire talent we see because the effects of Famished Flames and Lingering Flames would be visible in runs.

But I admit that testing it, is kinda iffy. In the first place testing Enfeebling Flames is already annoying but this here would need at least two players to test. So I can’t neither confirm nor deny it. Would still be surprised if this talent would be the single odd one when all other fire talents only affect Sienna’s flames.

Yeah, doesn’t matter who ignites, they’ll deal 30% less damage. (Assuming Unchained is alive)
You can test it yourself pretty easily in modded realm.


Well I mean, going off the talent description itself rather than other talents it makes sense. Reading that description in the most literal sense lines up perfectly with that.

Sure. Then again Famished Flames is described as:

“Burning damage over times is increased by 150.0 %. All non-burn damage is reduced by 30.0 %.”

So taking talent descrptions as base is kinda flawed. Unless Famished Flames indeed does cripple your whole group in terms of damage.

I agree. Was just pointing out the talent description on its own is not misleading in this case. If anything it’s descriptions like Famished that aren’t properly worded/clarified.

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Anyway, colour me surprised. The values match up with a 30 % decrease in damage from the overhead swing. Just seems odd to me. Would think this is an oversight in terms how the debuff is applied.

We could try to report it as bug :stuck_out_tongue:

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What mod did you use to make UC not aggro/attack the SV? Seems useful for testing stuff.

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It’s honestly pointless to go off talent descriptions and just play test everything.
Usually wording is poor or doesn’t line up.
Anyway, oversight or not it works pretty well with a drake IB in the party, I like it.

Oh I just spawned a couple more SV to keep UC occupied :eyes:


if that’s how it works it sounds unintended but ah well lol

As a matter of fact, ANY form of burning DoT works. Incediary bombs, barrels, moonfire bow… that makes the talent really powerful for certain groups if the UC player is good enough to play without abandon.

Thanks very much for the replies. I’ve never tested, simply noticed that my 123212 build seems to keep the party alive, even though I do less overall damage. (dagger/beam, btw).

I do have to use conduit aggressively, but that’s not so bad as it forces me to stay aware and be active.


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